How To Check Twitch Chat Logs ( Easy & Working Guide ) 2023

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs

Talking to Twitch is a key part of Twitch’s experience, it allows broadcasters to communicate with their viewers in ways that are completely unique to the platform. It also has value over simple conversation. Your chat logs contain valuable feedback and user feedback that can inform how you create and tag content. You may already know the importance of Twitch Chat when streaming live content or streaming content on the platform. The conversation section allows both the creator and the viewer to engage in a healthy conversation and share thoughts with each other. Chatlog is a collection of messages from all users who viewed your message and left a message.

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Why you should check your Twitch chat logs?

Evaluate Disciplinary Action

Sometimes you want to evaluate the timeliness of a sentence. Maybe a user was banned when they should expire (or vice versa). You can check your Twitch chat logs to verify what the user said or did before receiving the penalty. This allows you to moderate your moderators and make sure that none of them abuse their power of personal vengeance.

Look for inappropriate comments 

Twitch does indeed address offensive behavior or comments, and much of the burden of maintaining a clean platform falls on streamers and mods. That’s why it’s important for streamers to regularly review their discussion protocols for potential violations of the Twitch Terms of Use (TOS). If your viewers frequently violate the TOS, you may lose your channel even if you are not aware of the controversial comments in your chat.

Gather Audience Data 

Your Twitch Chat Diary can be a useful tool for discovering the types of content your audience enjoys. A quick review of your viewers’ comments will give you an idea of ​​what kind of games or events they enjoy, what parts of your show they’re bored with, and your viewers’ overall opinion of your show. Understanding how your audience responds to the content you offer is valuable in deciding which path you want your channel to take.


Smaller channels can get comments and feedback from their viewers as they can improve their channel. You can even receive invitations to collaborate with other streamers through your chat. With the Twitch Chat Log, you can always come back and see feedback and important comments.

Discover new memes

every Twitch channel is like its own sub-community on the larger Twitch platform. Broadcasters with loyal followers tend to develop their own internal channel-specific jokes and memes. Checking Twitch chat logs can help you know how your followers are communicating (languages, locales, and memes). Using this information wisely can help improve commitment and commitment.

Search by Username 

Creating a Twitch account is free and takes almost no time. While this is beneficial for the growth of the platform, it can also be abused to circumvent timeouts and bans. In some cases, a banned user can log into another account and continue to abuse your chat. Your Twitch Chat Log can show you when an account was created and what comments it left behind. You can compare typing styles and usernames to determine if a banned user is using a disposable account to access your channel.

How to check your Twitch chat logs

User search command

Just search for the username of the user you want to know more about chat logs. All you have to do is type / username (username) in the chat box and you will get the live chat history. It contains how many times they were banned, how many reviews they left, what those reviews were and more. This can definitely help you determine the fate of users on your channel. If they have done something wrong, you can take the necessary action.

Played Is VOD

Recording moments and playing your VOD is the only way to see the entire chat log for a streaming session. This method allows you to view comments deleted by moderators – Username Search and third -party programs will not be able to access this information. If you want to consider a ban or suspension, you should check your VOD chat history.

The disadvantage of this method is that you have to scan the entire video. It is useful to have a general idea of ​​review time before proceeding to VOD.

Use third -party software or chatbots

If you want more detailed information that is not available on the basic page, you can use chatbots or third -party programs. Many options are available, including Streamlabs, Nightbot, Chatty and more. You can check out the features of each one and find out what works best for you. if you are a regular user of the internet, you will probably know the website YouTube and if you want to know How to Get YouTube Premium Student Discount & How to Convert Youtube to Mp3 Format check linked articles.

How to check Twitch chat logs as a moderator?

Channel editors are allowed to manage the chat logs of its viewers. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click the sword icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the Moderator view.
  • Now click on username.
  • You can see the full user chat history on the channel.
  • Just scroll down to find all the information, bans, statements, reports and at least some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How do I retrieve chat history on Google Chat?

Ans: On the Gmail website, click the “More” option in the left sidebar. Click “Chats” to view all the chat logs Gmail is storing in your Google account. You’ll see chat logs from both the older Google Talk and the newer Google Hangouts here. You can click through your chat logs and read them.

Ques: How do you turn on history?

Ans: Scroll over to Data & Personalization, then tap Location History under Activity Controls. 3. Press the toggle next to Location History to turn the feature on and off. If this is the first you’ve heard of the Location History feature, it should be turned off by default.

Ques: What is conversation history?

Ans: In the Conversation History, text conversations are organized by contact name and then by date. All conversations that you save with a contact on a particular date are saved in a single log. When you save a conversation in Conversation History, only the text portion is saved. Audio and video aren’t saved.

Ques: Can you check your own Twitch logs?

Ans: Can I See My Twitch Chat History? Viewers cannot see their own chat history on any channel. Only the streamer who is running the channel and their mods can do see it. If you truly need to see what you’ve said, you can ask a mod to send you a portion of your chat history or look it up for you and wait for their reply.

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Twitch chat files are important for anyone who runs Twitch, as they allow them to interact with swimmers, gain feedback and gather ideas. Here’s how to view logs to see everyone’s chat history on your channel. I recommend using chatbots and other public streaming apps. But if you are trying to find something special, the manual method is better. This is all from my side. I hope this helps you a lot. Feel free to use the comment box to share your thoughts on it.


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