Discord Age Checker: Check When Someone’s Discord Account was Created ( Quick & Fast )

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Discord Age Checker: Check When Someone’s Discord Account was Created ( Quick & Fast )
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If you are wondering how to verify your account or how old your friend is. Well, you are in the right place. I will share with you some ways that you can check the age of your Discord account.

Discord is where all the fun is. With more people joining every day, the Discord community continues to grow. Here you can chat with a colleague, have great ideas, or just share your favorite interests.

It is the best place for players to spend their time and relax. This is where all the comedy and drama happen. Therefore, you never want to miss a single conversation. If you’re new to Discord, you know how amazing the community is.

What is Discord?

Discord is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service and chat system that has become a communication tool for gamers around the world. Discord can do more than just send blank text or voice messages, and it offers a number of great features worth playing around with, such as custom servers, voice channels, and more customization and integration.

This online platform allows users to enjoy smooth interactions so that they can enjoy the smooth transition of the game. It gives you the possibility to chat with your friends through voice, text, and video. In addition, it offers you a one-stop-shop where millions of people communicate with each other.

But that’s not the only thing Discord is famous for. The platform has gained a lot of popularity by providing an amazing gaming experience for users from all over the world.

Signing up for Discord is a simple process. In fact, you need to open a forum in your browser or install the Discord mobile app to enjoy its features. we provides Best Discord Names & Best Discord Status for users.

How to Check When a Discord Account was Created?

Discord Age Checker

To check when a Discord account was created, open Discord Age Checker. Type the Discord ID in the box provided and hit the verify button. That’s right, next time you’ll see the exact date the Discord account was created.

Important Note: Make sure Discord ID Developer Mode is On and Broadcast Mode is Off. Otherwise, the account creation date cannot be verified.

In fact, the tool will tell you when the account was launched. This method can be used by almost all Discord users. It will tell you all the information you need to know about the Discord user in simple steps.

  • Open the Discord profile whose account you want to verify account creation.
  • Then copy your profile ID.
  • Visit Discord Age Checker.
  • Paste the copied ID into the box provided.
  • It will display your account name and the date the account was created.

Important settings to control when your Discord account was created

  • Open your Discord account and select “User Settings” which is located right next to your username.
  • Keep scrolling until you find the “broadcast mode” option. You have to disable this mode.
  • Select “Appearance” and turn on developer mode.
  • You can then search for the creation date of another person’s Discord account.

Another Way to Check Discord Account Age

  • To check when a Discord account was created, you need to disable broadcast mode and enable developer mode.
  • After enabling developer mode, copy the user ID and find it in discord.id.
  • The discord.id website allows access to user information.
  • This includes your username, username, badge, and when your account was created.
  • This information is useful if you want to know when a user joined Discord or if an account is a bot.
  • To view a user, you must first copy their user ID to Discord.
  • Before you can copy your user ID to Discord, you need to enable developer mode.
  • You can enable developer mode by navigating to its settings and clicking “Advanced”.
  • In the “Advanced” settings, you will be able to activate the developer mode.
  • Once developer mode is enabled, you can copy your user ID by right-clicking on your profile picture and then clicking “Copy ID”.

Here’s how to check when a Discord account was created:

Open Discord and Go to Settings

First, open Discord on your PC. Then log in to your Discord account if you are not already logged in. Do not open the Discord app as you will not be able to copy the user ID there. When you’re on Discord, you need to access your settings.

Next to your profile picture, you’ll see three thumbnails. This includes a microphone, headphones, and a gear icon. Click the gear icon to access Discord settings.

Disable Streaming Mode

After clicking the gear icon, you will reach the “My Account” page. On the left sidebar, you will see many options. These include “My Account”, “User Profile”, “Privacy and Security” and more. Scroll down the sidebar until you reach the “Application Settings” heading. Under “Application Settings”, you will see the option “broadcast mode”. Click “Streamer Mode” to enter the system mode setting. Then disable streaming mode by clicking the button next to “Enable streaming mode.” If the broadcast mode is already off, you can skip this step.

Enable Developer Mode

After disabling streaming mode, developer mode must be enabled. Enabling developer mode will enable the context menu. The content menu contains useful functions, such as copying a user ID. On the left side of Discord’s settings, you’ll see an “Advanced” option. Click “Advanced” to access advanced settings. Now, enable developer mode by clicking the button next to “Developer mode”.

Copy the User-id

Now that you have enabled developer mode, you will be able to copy the user ID. First, you need to go to where the user is. For example, when a user is on a server, they need to access the list of servers. Then scroll down to find a user. Once you have found a user, right-click on their profile picture. When a user sends a message to a server, you can also copy their user ID by right-clicking on their profile picture in chat. However, you should avoid right-clicking on the message.

If you right-click on a user’s post, it will copy their post ID instead of their user ID. After right-clicking on the user’s profile picture, the context menu will open. In the context menu, click “Copy ID” to copy the user ID. Top Voice Changers Apps For Discord , with their popular features and website links and Cool Fortnite Names for your Fortnite.

View User ID in discord.id

After copying the User ID, you need to search for it on a third-party website. First, go to the Discord search website by clicking this link: https://discord.id/. The website allows you to access user information from your Discord user ID. These include “User ID”, “Username”, “Badge” and “Created”. First, paste the user ID into the “User ID / Any ID” field. Then click “View” and complete the Captcha to prove you are human. After finishing Captcha, you will see the user details. To find out when a user joined Discord, check the “Created” information. You successfully learned when to search for a Discord account!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How Do I Bypass the Age Restriction on Discord?

Ans: Alternatively, you can get around the age restrictions by creating a new Discord account and setting your age to 18 or older. This will give you access to more than 18 servers and channels.

Ques: Can You Look Up Discord Accounts?

Ans: Searching for users and finding someone on Discord can be as easy as using the search bar on your home screen. Type in the name of the person you are looking for and a list of usernames will appear. Scroll through the list to find your friends.

Ques: How Do I Find My Discord Id?

Ans: How to get user ID

  • Click on “User Settings” (gear icon next to the Discord image)
  • Next to your username and avatar, click the three horizontal dots, as shown below.
  • Select “Copy ID” from the pop-up menu.

Ques: How Do I Find Someone’s Number on Discord?

Ans: If you have a unique personal ID and username, finding someone on Discord is easy with the Add Friend feature. Open Discord, go to Home, and click Add Friend. You must enter both the username and the identification number, for example, DiscordUser # 0000.

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Finding a date to join Discord is a fun strategy to learn. Not everyone has heard of him. This is what makes it so much fun. This guide is very simple and easy to follow. You will be able to hang it very quickly. If you want to get your date, go ahead and paste your ID on this website. You will receive your answers in seconds. That’s it! Now you know how to take care of your Discord membership date. It’s a piece of cake.

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