Instagram IP Address Finder: Find IP Address from Instagram (101% Working) 2023

Instagram IP Address Finder

Today, the Internet is an important part of our lives. We live in a world where everyone is on social media. Genz and Millennials are using new platforms like Instagram.

With the fast pace of life, the reason why Instagram is so popular among the youth is the need to capture memories. An individual’s IP address may be used to identify an individual. While you can’t use it to find a person, you can get an idea of ​​the city the person is visiting.

Therefore, many websites hide this information. Instagram is one of the sites that hide the IP address of its users for privacy reasons. How to find someone’s IP address on Instagram? It’s easy once you read the detailed step-by-step instructions – read below.

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What is Instagram IP Address Finder?

Many people use the platform to promote their brand to a wider audience; Some use it to earn money while others use it to connect with friends.

Since Instagram does not release the IP addresses of its users, you will have to dig around the web to find a website that is accredited and has a dedicated IP tracking tool.

Instagram IP Finder is a free website that helps people find someone’s IP address on Instagram. It also helps to find stories on Instagram and know if they work or not. Your task will be very easy as you only need to enter your username and find the correct IP address..

Quick Ways to Get an IP Address on Instagram

1. Use the Grabify IP Logger website

  • Open the Instagram profile with the IP address you want to use.
  • Click the three-dot icon next to your username.
  • Copy the link in their profile.
  • Visit the Grabify IP Logger website.

  • Click the link at that location and click Create URL.

  • This will create an IP management link, copy it.
  • Start a conversation with your target person on Instagram and ask them to click on the link.
  • Once you do this, Grabify has the IP addresses that complete your workflow.
  • Grabify will provide you with the IP address and other information related to the Instagram account.

2. Use the command line

Command Prompt along with other applications can display the IP address connected to the computer. So you can use it to see the IP address of the connected person. The process is easy as shown below.

  • Close all open applications on your computer. This will help correct any errors. Since you can see all the IP addresses associated with the device on the command line, we recommend closing all unnecessary applications and background applications. You can use task manager to close it properly.
  • Create an Instagram Story Log into Instagram and start a conversation with the person in question. You can start video calls better than chat. Avoid using mobile devices. Use a computer or laptop instead.
    Then follow these steps to open Command Prompt.

1: Press Win + R to open the search menu.

2: Type CMD in the search menu to open the command prompt.

3: Then type netstat -command prompt.

4: This tool will show you all the IP addresses associated with the device. including your IP address

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3. Use Spokeo

Spokeo has also earned a reputation as a user-friendly search portal, ranking #1 as the best IP address search engine. It gives you access to a person’s profile on different social networks.

Here you can use your username, username, or phone number to search a person’s profile. You can also get additional information about the person, including their current address.

Why Track Instagram IP Address?

You may want to track someone else’s IP address for a number of reasons. Many people today believe that their presence on the Internet guarantees their complete freedom.

This, among other things, is why they create offensive comments, scams, and fake accounts. To prevent someone from doing this, you can request their IP address; See below for other reasons.

Stop misinformation

Every Instagram user with a large account or business has come across fake news. Other people can access your account and post negative comments about you. This is usually your competition. Make sure you know their IP address to prevent hacking.

To reduce fraud

If you are a blogger or business owner, you may have to deal with fraud from some accounts. You can track their IP address if you have paid for the service but have not received anything.

Find fake accounts

If you have a large and well-known account, you can counter scammers using your name and opinions. These people pretend to be friends and refuse to stop. So getting their IP address is one way to silence them.

Stop online bullying

Some people think they can do anything on the Internet. This is why people post offensive comments and try to bully you. However, you can get their IP address and block it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can IPs be banned on Instagram?

A: IP blocking usually occurs when Instagram sees you as a bot based on your actions. This means that you are not allowed to impersonate bots on the site, and if you do not, using the original bot may result in the same result.

Q: What is Instagram IP infringement?

A: If you repost material that infringes another’s copyright or other intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, your account may be terminated or your user page may be deleted in accordance with this policy. is

Q: How can I protect my intellectual property on Instagram?

Answer: Only share photos and videos that you have taken or have permission to share. As always, there is content to post on Instagram. Remember to post original content and not copy and paste from the web.

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