How to find someone’s IP address on Instagram ( Quick & Working Ways ) 2023

We live in a world where everyone is on social media platforms. Genz and millennials are using new platforms like Instagram. Along with the fast-paced life, the need to capture memories is the reason why Instagram is so popular among the youth. As more people join this platform, the risk of online fraud and other suspicious activity increases.

When we post or comment on Instagram, the server records our IP addresses. Logging in has already started at the time of login. So if you’re looking for a way to track Instagram accounts, looking up IP addresses would be the place to start. In this post, we will show you some legal hacks to track your Instagram account.

Someone’s IP address can give an idea of ​​where someone is. While you can’t use it to get a person’s absolute location, you can use it to get an idea of ​​the city the person is from. For this reason, many websites hide this information. Instagram is one of the sites that keep the IP addresses of its users hidden for privacy reasons. we have best working methods to Fix “Sorry this page isn’t available” on Instagram & Fix Feedback Required Error on Instagram check now.

Can you find an IP address from Instagram?

 you find the IP address of an Instagram account. Some even offer a search box where you can “track IP in real time”.

But of course, there is no such thing and there never will be. Like passwords, IP addresses are sensitive information. Getting an IP address is like hacking Instagram. And if someone can hack a social media platform, why would they distribute the tool for free?

Also, IP addresses are meaningless – they won’t give you an exact location given your Instagram user. And people in the same region often share the same IP address. Which usually means you can’t go any further than identifying the street your target lives on.

But don’t worry. There are legitimate websites where you can find the exact location of your Instagram account. we try to make Instagram downloading simple for you and make our tool Instagram Private Video Downloader for private video downloading.

Ways to find out the IP address of an Instagram user

Use BeenVerified

This website is the only place you can find another person’s IP address. BeenVerified enables you to access third-party contact information and current location. This website has a huge amount of data for the user to search for anything on social media.

Use Grabify to track IP addresses on Instagram

You can use various IP capture services for this purpose. Gratify IP Logger has been found to work well and is one of the best options out there.

Setting up an account with them will allow them to notify you as soon as an IP has been cached for you, allowing you to make the most of the experience. Gratify IP Logger is unique in that it logs not only a user’s IP address but also their country, time zone, ISP, browser, and OS.

Search for photos using Social Catfish

If searching for a username doesn’t bring you any luck, you may find that you can do something in the photos. And sometimes this trick works quite well, especially when someone uses aliases on other websites.

And we commend Social Catfish for this endeavor. It is a powerful people search engine that specializes in reverse image search. You can find someone’s real name, current address, and dating profile based on a photo or even an Instagram avatar.

To find someone by photo, go to Social Catfish.

Upload your Instagram photo or avatar and click Search.

The search may take a few seconds to complete. Once done, open the full report and get the final results. Events usually include your identity, contact details, last address, and identity.

Using the Command Prompt

Use the above method to create a tracking link. You don’t get anything unless someone clicks on it. There is a better way. Just make sure you stay in touch with the person you follow online.

Step 1: Chat online with the prospect.

Step 2: Quit other running programs to ensure only the ones you want to appear.

Step 3: Press the “Win+R” key to open the command prompt window.

Step 4: Type “cmd” and specify.

Step 5: Type “netstat-an” and run it, then you will see the IP address.

Step 6: Use to track and find the user’s IP address details.

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Why Track Instagram IP Address?

You may want to track someone’s IP for a variety of reasons. Today, many people think that being online gives them all the freedom. So they post insults on Instagram, scam people, create fake accounts, and so on. To prevent this, you may need an IP address – more reasons below.

To avoid fraud:

If you are a business owner or a blogger, you may be subject to fraud from several accounts. If you have paid for the service and received nothing, it is legitimate to track your IP.

Stop online harassment:

Some people think they can do anything online. So they write negative things in the comments and try to upset you. But you can capture their IP and stop their behavior.

Spot fake accounts:

If you own a big account that is too popular, you can see a lot of fakes using your name and ideas. These people pretend to be you and refuse to stop. So getting their IP is a way to silence them.

Stop disinformation:

Every big account owner or business owner on Instagram has faced misinformation. Some people may come to your account and write bad things about you which are all lies. They are often your competitors. Show them you know their IP to stop the lies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track an account owner on Instagram?

Running a social media username search with PeopleLooker is easy. All you have to do is enter a username, be it an Instagram or Twitter account, and it will search public records and find exactly the person associated with the profile.

Can I track a fake Instagram account?

Our social media investigators often hear this question: Is it possible to track online accounts? Unfortunately, the only real answer is: that it depends. While we have successfully tracked down many fake accounts, it is almost always an uphill battle. But if it can be done, we can do it.

Can you track the IP address from Instagram DM?

No, people get the IP address of Instagram servers, not your device. But… if the recipient sends you a message with a link and you click the link, you can be tracked because it’s your device that accesses the link. If you are using a VPN, the IPs in the logs are the IPs of the VPN servers, not yours.

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From the above, you can see that even if Instagram gives you a user’s IP address, you can get it. The methods described above, with a little modification, can be used not only to obtain the IP addresses of Instagram users but also of other websites. The above information has not been provided to you to use for any malicious act; if you do, you become a cybercriminal and will be treated as such.


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