How to Track SBI ATM Card Delivery (Dispatch) Status Online ( Quick And Easy ) 2023

How to Track SBI ATM Card Delivery (Dispatch) Status Online

The State Bank of India is the largest and most trusted public sector in India. The bank offers various debit cards / ATMs to suit the needs and requirements of its customers.

If you ask for a bank card at your address, banks will send you a bank card by mail. When your number is registered with the bank, the bank connects your mobile phone with the data processing code.

In this case, you can quickly check the export status of the sm atm card. Bank statements are usually submitted within 15 days of receiving the online application form.

Once we have sent your debit card, you will receive an SMS from your bank about the details and how to check the status. SBI sends the card by mail.

Once you apply for a new ATM card, you will receive referral information via SMS. SMS has a speed mail number. I explained how to check the SBI online ATM transfer feature in this post. We have 100 % working detailes Guide on Get Audible Student Discount & Get Spotify Student Discount, ckeck now linked articles.

What is an SBI ATM card?

State Bank of India offers a variety of debit cards to its customers. You can use PB services such as ATM cards, check/credit cards, and checks by filling out the application for opening a new account. Upon your request, the SBI branch will print the ATM card application form.

Each debit card has several benefits and has different purchase and withdrawal limits. SBI also offers a loyalty card program for debit cards, so you can earn rewards every time you shop with your card.

Non-financial transactions and remittances are not paid to BSBD account holders at the branch, ATM, or CDM machines. SBI said it would charge Rs 15 and GST for cash withdrawals if the transaction is conducted at a bank branch, SBI ATM, or other ATM. The exception is four free cash withdrawals.

How can I track an SBI ATM card?

Whether you are an SBI user or a bank user, you can find out the situation by following it. We will also help you somehow check the status of SBI ATM cards.

Use the SBI YONO Lite mobile banking system.

If SBI YONO Lite is installed on your phone, follow the steps below to track the status of your debit card request:

1. First, open and access the SBI Yono Lite app.


2. Once logged in, click the “Manage Cards” section. Check shipping status for SBI debit cards


Click the “Tracking Credit Card Problems” option in the Card Management section on the next screen. SBI debit card issuance status

4. Here, you select your bank account number. Delivers SBI ATM status


5. Then, select a year and a month from the drop-down menu. (For example, if you were applying in January 2021, choose this year and month). Click the “Send” tab. SBI AYM departure status


On the next page, you can see the status of the SBI card shipment and know when it will be delivered.

7. The bank will now send you your new ATM card immediately. It will be shipped within seven business days.

2. Track the status of your SBI ATM card online

1. Pay attention to the tracking number received via SMS and visit and find the Track n Trace page on the main page.
2. Enter the speed post (accepted number) received in the SMS and enter the specified verification code.

Track the status of your SBI ATM card online
3. Click on the option to track the message after visiting the website.
4. Enter the number to track the download, release the captcha and press the search button.
5. Once the tracking number is confirmed, you will see the status of the ATM card on the screen.

Benefits of using the India Regional Bank Card

  • Credit card benefits you may not have known about
  • Avoid taxes and service charges
  • Be responsible for your money
  • Quick payments mean a better budget
  • No interest
  • security
  • Debit cards are linked to interest accounts
  • Rewards to banks and merchants
  • Reduced credit card tax rates

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How to block the SBI debit card?

The account holder can easily block ATM cards online using the OnlineSBI service. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit

How to block the SBI debit card?

Step 2: Log in to the SBI Network Banking Portal and provide your username and password.

Step 3: Go to the Electronic Services tab and click ‘Choose ATM Card Services.’

How to block the SBI debit card?

Step 4: Click on the ‘Block ATM Card’ option.

How to block the SBI debit card?

Step 5 – Select an account related to the ATM debit card that the account holder wishes to block.

Step 6: The account administrator can see the list of all active and blocked cards. This list shows the first and last number of the ATM card.

Step 7: The SBI account owner selects the card to be blocked, gives the reason if it is ‘Lost’ or ‘Stolen,’ and then clicks ‘Submit.’ Ensure the verification of the required data.

Step 8: Choose a position to confirm the request. The account holder can choose an OTP number or use a profile password.

Step 9: Enter your OTP or profile password as selected, then click Confirm.

The account holder will receive a ticket number via SMS notification when blocked by the SBI ATM cum Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What if my debit card is not delivered?
Ans: A courier with a debit card may notice that the house is locked and leave it in the bank branch. But go straight to the bank branch and ask the person who helped you set up your account.

Ques: Can I use two ATM accounts with SBI?
Ans: Yes! You can access more than one debit card from one SBI account. However, the card type is different, and you have to pay the appropriate repair fee for all cards. The State Bank of India charges an annual fee for all active debit cards associated with your account.

Ques: How do I know my card number?
Ans: To get a credit card number without a card, check your monthly statement. Some credit card companies show the whole number in your state, while others only show the last four digits.

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Seeing your shipping status online helps you keep track of your current luggage and the approximate delivery date. You can also contact your nearest SBI department for help tracking your ATM card. In this article, you will learn how to monitor the status of your SBIatm card online. If you have any questions or suggestions about the new SBI card, please comment below.

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