11 Best TextSheet Alternatives For Student (Latest Working) 2023

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11 Best TextSheet Alternatives For Student (Latest Working) 2023

If you’ve used Textsheet to get answers for your homework and school assignments, you may be disappointed to find they are no longer available.

The text sheet was very popular with the students. You can find the answers to any question in any paragraph and it will help many students with their homework and assignments.

However, Textsheet was closed in 2019 due to copyright notice from Chegg. Apparently, some of the responses to Textsheet were derived (copied) from Chegg, so Chegg filed a DMCA copyright notice against Textsheet.

As a student, you’ve probably heard of Chegg. It’s famous for helping many students find answers to questions, get homework assistance, and prepare for tests. Here we created the list of best  Chegg Alternatives, FaceTime Alternatives

What is a TextSheet?

TextSheet was a popular website for students to find answers. The site has grown enormously in popularity in a short period of time. The website offers free solutions. The guide was available using API technology.

Students always want to solve their tasks without effort. In this context, Textsheet is more successful than any other online site.

The students liked the platform because it was free. It performed excellently and simplified tasks.

Millions of students around the world have used it to save time and get tasks done on time.

What Happened to TextSheet?

The text sheet services reached the students. This website got students addicted. Over time the text sheet became blind. Steal content by offering a solution to readers.

As a result, you have started to abuse some of the information on the website. That way, find a solution for the students. This event made the text sheet stand out.

Otherwise, you would have had to respond to a copyright infringement. There were no further updates to the website. According to news updates, the site has been completely closed.

There is another reason this website has stopped providing services. If they rely too much on students, they will have lost their love of knowledge and learning. Chegg also placed the copyright infringement on the text sheet.

Is The TextSheet illegal?

The text sheet is a popular means of getting answers to all student activities and research. However, this page has been suspended due to a copyright infringement due to a DMCA notification. The sheet of text was used to copy responses from another similar website, Chegg, and therefore it was banned. However, speaking of its legitimacy, distributing jobs at a profit, even knowing that they are being sent by someone else for learning purposes, is a crime in many US countries. Hence, we can conclude that Textsheet and its alternatives to doing this don’t work legally even if they say so.

Best TextSheet Alternatives

In this article, I’m going to talk about the best text sheet techniques that can help students anywhere. I’ll also give a quick rundown of one of the alternatives and let you know if the site is paid or not available.

These are some of the best text sheet methods you can use right now.

1. Chegg

Chegg is one of the most popular methods in Textsheet and the reason it closes and gives you the answers for everything. After more than 20 years, Chegg has owned a large collection of solutions and solutions.


  • Get homework help for over 80 subjects and other subjects
  • Solutions for all important subjects such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, etc.
  • You can download the mobile application from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • In order to use the services, you have to pay a subscription fee.
  • A free 30-minute online trial is available.
  • Subscriptions start at $ 14.95 per month and $ 30 per month if you choose to use video calling.
  • To stop using the service, turn it off 24 hours before the subscription automatically expires to end the service.

2. Slader

Slader.com is a website that often helps you with your homework. This is a free website where you can easily find reliable and proven homework solutions. Slader is one of the best choices on Textsheet.com.

This site is supported by thousands of readers and teachers who often upload their essays and articles on any topic.

Slader tries to cover a wide range of subjects such as math, history, science, chemistry, and more. Most high school students in the US often use Slader to find solutions to their problems and homework.

This website also works with college content, making your curriculum more complete and comprehensive with each passing day.

Defamation is one of the most trusted sources among educators and students as they continue to donate their work and solutions to the website, making it one of the most widely distributed brochures in the world.

3. Characteristics:

  • A great collection of answers and solutions for students and teachers around the world.
  • It has also started serving college students.
  • The interface is simple and clean.
  • It allows you to scan the barcode or the title of a textbook and find all the answers you’ve been looking for.
  • While it’s free to use, if you want to use an ad-free version, you’ll have to pay $ 2.

4. School Solver

School Solver is another site that works like Textsheet and has all kinds of answers. Not only is it useful for students, but it can also make a lot of money as a teacher.


  • Provides answers to all questions and distributions.
  • Access a large collection of tests and solutions.
  • Ask a single question or an entire course to get answers.
  • Instructors can earn up to $ 500 for an answer using backend technology as their answer is generated for people asking the same questions.

5. Course Hero

Course Hero is an online platform where you can learn all topics. You can easily find answers to all of your questions by searching for your query in the search box. It has a feature to filter your query based on the name of the school, the name of the subject, and many other options.

According to Academic Heroes, there are more than 25 million courses for students, which is a huge number. If you’re wondering what’s the best thing about being a studio hero, it’s free to use.


  • It’s a freemium service, which means that if you contribute on your part, you will get access for free, e.g. B. Reading material, notes, old assignments, and the like.
  • If you don’t have anything available to download, you can choose the one-year ($ 9.95 per month), quarterly ($ 19.95 per month), or monthly ($ 39.95 per month) program.
  • Tutoring is available 24/7, meaning students from different time zones can benefit from it.
  • You can download documents from the website, but you need to log in.
  • You can filter documents by course, subject, question, description, etc.
  • Get access to study aids, videos, exercises, class notes, and step-by-step descriptions for each lesson.

Here You can find the best alternatives for your android: Canva Alternatives, Dropbox Alternatives

6. Study Lib

Study Lib – As the name suggests, Study Lib is truly a library for all of your homework and assignments. The best thing about the study library is the variety of topics it provides answers to. Can you take any subject like science, math, English, politics and what not? They will give you exactly the solution you are looking for with a detailed explanation.

If you don’t have specific questions and want to learn more about the topic, there are several sections available to explore the different questions on the topic of your choice. You can also contribute to the site if you are really good at a particular subject. Study Lib is definitely a community that also helps solve student homework, assignments, and research.


  • It allows you to download and save documents for free that can also be shared.
  • Most major subjects such as science, math, social sciences, engineering and technology, economics, arts and humanities, history were covered.
  • The start page contains the trend documents that complement the convenient navigation.
  • You can add as many documents as you want to your account by simply registering.
  • It allows you to upload useful content for other students.

7. CrazyForStudy

Another addition to our list of the best text sheet alternatives is CrazyForStudy. This site offers access to more than 50 million books for which you have to pay a small fee.

It also helps students do their homework and homework in various areas of education.


  • Topics such as mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science, and history were covered.
  • Australian students can even search for the books prescribed by their institute as the website is more popular there.
  • A large collection of answers to millions of queries and questions.

8. Sparkling Notes

Spark Notes is a Spark children’s products company founded by Harvard students Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, Chris Coyne, and Eli Bolotin. The main goal of the platform is to present high-quality reading aids to all students. If you’re reading books, poetry, history, movies, or philosophy, Spark Notes is your best bet of any of the methods mentioned in Textsheet.

However, the website has since been expanded, as study guidelines for various other fields of study can also be heard. Further major subjects are biology, chemistry, economics, health, mathematics, physics, and social sciences.


  • It serves as a platform for buying books online.
  • It provides exam preparation services and is popular with American students to prepare for the SAT.
  • The application type is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Popular subjects include English literature, creative writing, and the arts.

9. Quizlet

Quizlet is an American educational platform that helps its students improve their reading skills. A website is a good option for anyone who has difficulty concentrating while reading. This is because Quizlet brings information to its readers in the form of engaging videos, tools, and games.

This application provides quick and effective flashcards for all of its readers. There are over 50 million active users on Quizlet. And if you’re not focused on the next step, then this is the text sheet method you should try.


  • Get help with your next exams
  • Research and essay writing services are also available.
  • Existing writers are experts in their field.
  • You get a 15-day trial period after which you have to pay a registration fee.
  • You can opt for Quizlet Plus for $ 23.88 or Quizlet Go for $ 11.99 for a one-year subscription.
  • The Quizlet app is available for both Android and iOS.

10. Coursera

Coursera has around 3,600 courses and nearly 40 million active students on its platform. In addition to providing solutions and answers to your homework and assignments, Coursera is a great platform for students who need to write a research paper.

Compared to other websites like Textsheet, Coursera is very well organized; In all subjects, there is a large number of subjects that make it very easy for students to find the answers to the topics they are looking for.

And they have apps for iOS and Android. These courses are usually free, but if you want a graded term paper or course certificate you have to pay.

11. Khan Academy

Aside from reading books and finding answers and solutions on the internet, there are other practical lessons you can learn. These are your skills.

We all have basic skills, but in order to attend our postgraduate studies, we need to develop interest and learn some advanced skills in the same field. Now the question arises, how do we polish up our skills?

If that’s what you want, Khan Academy is your answer. You are free to enroll in Khan Academy’s online courses. These courses are online and delivered through PowerPoint and videos.

They are professionally developed in each subject for a variety of subjects. But in addition to studying, math and English, you can also learn and develop your personality at the Khan Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Textsheet illegal?

Ans: Yes, Textsheet was an illegal website as it did not have any rights to any of the content hosted on its platform. He used to get responses through Chegg’s API and then received a DMCA takedown request from Chegg to reproduce the responses.

Ques: Are the Alternatives to Textsheet Free?

Ans: The text sheet alternatives aren’t completely free, but you can get some discounts or free trials by requesting customer chat support.

Ques: Text Sheet Was Taken Down?

Ans: The text sheet received a DMCA removal request from Chegg, and the owner, Sultron, had a Chegg employee remove its repositories from GitHub.

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