Another Eden Tier List ( Top Heroes Under Each Attack Type ) 2023

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Another Eden Tier List ( Top Heroes Under Each Attack Type ) 2023

Another Eden is a free game recommended to focus attention on JRPG objects before focusing on gacha.

It works well as the developers have created an interesting story to match the robust gameplay. This story of marriage and struggle sets the stage for the third part of the game: its colorful characters.

While every unit in the other Eden is different, you may want to upgrade your squad to get the best information you can find in the content.

To help you, we have created a list of categories that equate heroes from strongest to weakest.

In this game, each character has something different. The different types, materials and times make this game very difficult for beginners. That’s why we decided to create this One for the Eden Side series, listing the most important characters in the game. Now you can easily decide which characters to choose and how to combine them to play in all game content (which is time consuming to create).

This article will take a quick look at the Other Edenic Lists list to find out which are the best heroes to play with. There are obvious options, but there are also some great voices that may be better than the ones you did before.

We will have our list of categories, of course, so join us and discover the best heroes you can play in another Eden.

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What is Another Eden?

Another Eden is a single player game set in a timeless environment and has many sci-fi features. JRPG (Japanese simulation game).

Another Eden is a game for mobile devices in which players can explore different moments by going. Released in Japan in April 2017 and worldwide in 2019 on Android and iOS. It is also designed for other platforms such as Windows and Nintendo Switch.

Another Eden with collaborations with some of the industry’s most famous creators, such as writer Masato Kato and music composer Yasunori Mitsuda, introducing players to a famous journey through time.

What is Another Eden Tier Listt?

The Garden of Eden list is a list of the main heroes of another Eden. The level range measures all playable characters, both male and female, from S to E in varying numbers for all different aspects such as attack power, defense, highest level cost, etc.

The category list is especially useful for newcomers because they want to know which are the best heroes to play. But even seasoned gamers find it interesting because they want some kind of proof of their current playing style.

Another Eden Tier List

This list will give you an idea of ​​the strength and abilities that the Another Eden hero has so that you can use these heroes for their superior performance.


In this level we have selected characters that are increasingly advantageous over their opponents. Whether it’s because of their good stats or perhaps their unique abilities, they can keep you moving for the rest of the game. A team full of Tears characters is a dream come true for all other Eden players.

Hero Element Rarity

  • Nikeh (AS) Water 5-star
  • Cerrine (AS) Earth 5-star
  • Radias Fire 5-star
  • Kikyo Wind 5-star
  • Tiramisu Earth 5-star
  • Nagi (AS) Earth 5-star
  • Cynthia Wind 5-star
  • Mighty (AS) Water 5-star
  • Myunfa Earth 5-star
  • Biaka Wind 5-star
  • Azami (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Mana Null 5-star
  • Deirdre Earth 5-star
  • Hardy Fire 5-star
  • Mariel Wind 5-star
  • Renri (AS) Fire 5-star
  • Elga Earth 5-star
  • Gariyu Fire 5-star
  • Akane (AS) Fire 5-star
  • Myrus Earth 5-star
  • Lokido (AS) Earth 5-star
  • Yuna (AS) Water 5-star
  • Hismena Water 5-star
  • Shanie (AS) Water 5-star
  • Ewan Fire 5-star
  • Anabel (AS) Water 5-star
  • Yuna Water 5-star
  • Shannon (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Claude Wind 5-star
  • Shannon Wind 5-star
  • Myrus (AS) Earth 5-star
  • Melina Water 5-star
  • Dewey Water 5-star
  • Laclair (AS) Water 5-star
  • Felmina Wind 5-star
  • Bertrand Earth 5-star


While these characters aren’t at the top of the list, they are still the best options for your team. Most of these are very rare, making them difficult to find, but if you do, you should expect the best results. Especially for new players, they should feel like S-level characters. Only when you feel the power of S-level characters can you see the difference.

Hero Element Rarity

  • Veina (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Suzette (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Zeviro Water 5-star
  • Suzette Wind 5-star
  • Yipha Wind 5-star
  • Premaya Earth 5-star
  • Claude (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Dunarith Wind 5-star
  • Renri Fire 5-star
  • Tsukiha Fire 5-star
  • Shanie Water 5-star
  • Melina (AS) Water 5-star
  • Felmina (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Isuka Wind 5-star
  • Sophia Water 5-star
  • Guildna Fire 5-star
  • Lokido Earth 5-star
  • Mighty Water 5-star
  • Shion (AS) Fire 5-star
  • Mariel (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Bivette Fire 5-star
  • Shion Fire 5-star
  • Cetie Fire 5-star
  • Nagi Earth 5-star
  • Amy (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Anabel Water 5-star
  • Shigure Water 5-star
  • Tsubame Earth 5-star
  • Laclair Water 5-star
  • Cetie (AS) Fire 5-star
  • Morgana Wind 5-star
  • Lovely Fire 5-star
  • Gariyu Fire 5-star
  • Rosetta Fire 5-star

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I think we all understand how lists work. The lower you go, the more power you will have. So of course the characters on this list will have a problem compared to those listed above. If so, there is nothing wrong with playing these characters, especially if they match your play style. Some of them (Serivo, Renri, and others) have the potential to do great damage thanks to their abilities if you get them the right tools.

Hero Element Rarity

  • Isuka (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Radica Fire 5-star
  • Altena Null 5-star
  • Saki (AS) Water 5-star
  • Philo Water 5-star
  • Aldo Fire 5-star
  • Cyrus Water 5-star
  • Toova (AS) Earth 5-star
  • Ilulu Wind 5-star
  • Hozuki Fire 5-star
  • Elga (AS) Earth 5-star
  • Veina Wind 5-star
  • Ciel Earth 5-star
  • Toova Earth 5-star
  • Joker Fire 5-star
  • Ruina (AS) Wind 5-star
  • Strawboy Null 5-star
  • Levia Water 5-star


At this point, we have reached the end of our list. Note that there are fewer characters in this category than the tallest characters on this list. This is proof of how balanced the game is. Most of the characters are very powerful. In C-Tier we have those who may not like this meta. If the meta changes, it is likely that many of these characters will move up the list as their stats are very strong.

Hero Element Rarity

  • Feinne Null 4-star
  • Miyu Fire 5-star
  • Nopaew Wind 4-star
  • Krervo Null 4-star
  • Chiyo Earth 4-star
  • Erina Null 4-star
  • Riica Earth 5-star
  • Soira Wind 4-star
  • Prai Null 4-star
  • Saki Water 4-star
  • Pom Null 4-star
  • Bria Water 5-star
  • Helena Earth 5-star
  • Galliard Earth 4-star


In D-Tier we meet characters who are beginning to lose their maturity and are no longer popular with the meta. You should have these characters as local owners only for those at the top of this list. Especially if you don’t have a good interaction between your characters, you shouldn’t even consider having them on your team.

Hero Element Rarity

  • Nikeh Water 4-star
  • Parisa Fire 4-star
  • Cerrine Earth 4-star
  • Lele Water 4-star
  • Sheila Water 4-star
  • Akane Fire 4-star
  • Amy Wind 4-star
  • Azami Wind 4-star
  • Raven Earth 4-star
  • Sevyn Wind 4-star
  • Miranda Fire 4-star
  • Nero Water 4-star
  • Nonold Null 4-star
  • Breeno Earth 4-star
  • Ruina Wind 4-star


Finally, we have characters that seem to suffer the most when it comes to the essentials of the game. It may be that their inactivity is not good, their parliamentary officials, their grassroots attacks, or all together, these characters must be skipped. We look forward to this.

Hero Element Rarity

  • Denny Water 4-star
  • Darunis Wind 4-star
  • Rovella Water 4-star
  • Nomar Water 4-star
  • Samora Fire 4-star
  • Yazuki Wind 4-star
  • Yio Earth 4-star
  • Lingli Fire 4-star
  • Lovinia Wind 4-star
  • Foran Water 4-star
  • Rufus Fire 4-star
  • Myron Earth 4-star
  • Otoha Earth 4-star
  • Cyuca Wind 4-star
  • Good Macky Wind 4-star
  • Zilva Earth 4-star
  • Benedict Wind 4-star
  • Komachi Earth 4-star
  • Jade Fire 4-star

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Why is the Another Eden Tier List Important?

Ans: The player can use the Other Eden List when they have finished playing Other Eden and sometimes want to try new things that may be more fun than ever.

One way this list can be found would be if one had never played the other Eden before but knew him verbally and wanted to see which character had the best stats in terms of how people perceive him. These types of players will find the Teer List of Eden useful.

Ques: Who is the Most Powerful Character in Another Eden?

Ans: It might not surprise you to find that our pick for the most powerful character in the game is Cerrine (AS). Her excellent stats, combined with her ability to deal heavy damage to both AoE and a target, puts him at the top. She may have a stage of her own, as her injuries are of three different types, making it difficult to defend against him.

Ques: Which Heroes are Recommended for Beginners or Casual Players?

Ans: If you are new to the game, I can collect heroes that are easy to collect and have a huge impact on injuries. Other than that, it depends on your preferred play style, as there are many different roles in another Eden.

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Another Eden is one of the games that has it all. Memorable characters, compelling story, and game design to back it all up. So when you think about how you can start to conquer this great world, there is no better start than this list. Now you must indicate which characters are active and which are not. If you add your knowledge and trial and error to this list, you are sure to start a journey you will never forget.


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