Dragalia Lost Tier List ( Ranked Every Character ) 2023

Dragalia Lost Tier List

Not sure who the best of Dragalia Lost are? We present to you this latest updated version of the adventurer Dragalia Lost.

Dragalia Lost stands out today as one of the best free gacha games to play in the mobile space.

As with any other game in the genre, you will collect a few units (or players, as the game calls them) to build your squad and help you in battle. You can obtain these units by calling them randomly using the real or in-game currency type.

Players looking for a more efficient approach to team building should consider the growth and flexible math skills of their team.

Enter the section Dragalia Lost: a guide for the best travelers to invest their time in the game, calculated from the sequence of execution of the final content of the game.

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Dragalia Lost – Quick Introduction

Dragalia Lost is a free smartphone game developed by Nintendo and Cygames. The game introduces a new original story to the entire Dragalia universe. The game is free and available for iOS and Android.

The game is an RPG of the traditional gacha. Players will create their own image and travel the world to face new units called “Expeditions” by completing missions, holes or attacks. The player can equip the trip with the weapons and armor that he receives in the game, which determines his category (hero, wizard, archer, etc.). Players can also find a new journey by opening the chest.

Players can join different leagues and compete with other players in the Arena. In this guide we will cover the different stages of the trip and their strengths. In this way, you can easily assemble a team of challenging battles.

Dragalia Lost Tier List

Dragalia Lost is a mobile game released in September 2018. Response-based RPG with a flash card and a basic system focused on multiplayer gameplay.

The Dragalia Lost category lists all the characters in the game based on their behavior in battle. A category list is the most accurate way to judge a character’s strengths.

Dragalia Lost’s tier range is ordered from tier S to tier D, with the strongest character at the top. The levels are not based on any official level system that Nintendo or Cygames have planned for their game, rather these are our sections on what a player should look for in order to build their team in Dragalia Lost. So, let’s start with the S-level characters …


You will see adventures of this level on almost any player list because they have incredible power. These units form the current meta of the game, which means that having a few of these people will undoubtedly facilitate the content of the final game.

Character Element

  • Marth Flame
  • Ezelith Flame
  • Halloween Lowen Flame
  • Chrom Flame
  • Nobunaga Flame
  • Gala Elisanne Water
  • Mitsuba Water
  • Karina Water
  • Valerio Water
  • Jiang Ziya Water
  • Hawk Wind
  • Tobias Wind
  • Sylas Wind
  • Gala Leif Wind
  • Lowen Wind
  • Mitsuhide Light
  • Dragonyule Malora Light
  • Gala Luca Light
  • Gala Prince Light
  • Peony Light
  • Zhu Bajie Light
  • Grace Shadow
  • Gala Cleo Shadow
  • Gala Alex Shadow
  • Bellina Shadow
  • Cleo Shadow
  • Vice Shadow
  • Patia Shadow
  • Forte Shadow
  • Linnea Shadow


Make no mistake, these travelers are powerful too. However, what prevents them from reaching S-level status is a lack of flexibility and functionality outside of their default roles. While S-level units can work well in any project you do, A-levels are very good at the role they were originally intended for.

Character Element

  • Ezelith Flame
  • Euden Flame
  • Nadine Flame
  • Xania Flame
  • Gala Mym Flame
  • Rena Flame
  • Emma Flame
  • Lily Water
  • Elisanne Water
  • Eugene Water
  • Yurius Water
  • Pipple Water
  • Tiki Water
  • Hunter Sarisse Water
  • Lazry Water
  • Lin You Wind
  • Victor Wind
  • Noelle Wind
  • Ranzal Wind
  • Wedding Elisanne Wind
  • Valentine’s Melody Wind
  • Melody Wind
  • Akasha Wind
  • Joachim Wind
  • Addis Wind
  • Su Fang Wind
  • Hunter Vanessa Light
  • Fleur Light
  • Yachiyo Light
  • Sharena Light
  • Albert Light
  • Alfonse Light
  • Chitose Light
  • Hildegarde Light
  • Halloween Elisanne Light
  • Nefaria Shadow
  • Delphi Shadow
  • Botan Shadow
  • Althemia Shadow
  • Curran Shadow
  • Durant Shadow
  • Heinwald Shadow
  • Kleimann Shadow
  • Ieyasu Shadow
  • Lathna Shadow
  • Rodrigo Shadow
  • Summer Verica Shadow
  • Natalie Shadow
  • Valentine’s Addis Shadow

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These adventures are great. They won’t take you away from anywhere in the game, but getting stronger still has benefits. However, expect to spend more time with in-game assets so that these units will work for the end game.

Character Element

  • Chelsea Flame
  • Halloween Mym Flame
  • Naveed Flame
  • Ramona Flame
  • Verica Flame
  • Hunter Berserker Flame
  • Gala Sarisse Flame
  • Megaman Flame
  • Mikoto Flame
  • Karl Flame
  • Student Maribelle Flame
  • Valentine’s Hildegarde Flame
  • Vanessa Flame
  • Thaniel Water
  • Xander Water
  • Summer Celliera Water
  • Dragonyule Cleo Water
  • Gauld Water
  • Laranoa Water
  • Nurse Aeleen Water
  • Summer Julieta Water
  • Orsem Water
  • Halloween Odetta Water
  • Kirsty Wind
  • Louise Wind
  • Dragonyule Xainfried Wind
  • Musashi Wind
  • Maribelle Wind
  • Gala Ranzal Wind
  • Templar Hope Wind
  • Wedding Aoi Wind
  • Wedding Xania Wind
  • Lucretia Light
  • Summer Cleo Light
  • Summer Luca Light
  • Sha Wujing Light
  • Wu Kong Light
  • Xiao Lei Light
  • Vixel Light
  • Annelie Light
  • Aldred Shadow
  • Alex Shadow
  • Audric Shadow
  • Cassandra Shadow
  • Yaten Shadow
  • Sazanka Shadow
  • Erik Shadow


You can use these units during the game, but only until you upgrade. With three categories of travelers in addition to these, there are some excellent routes.

Character Element

  • Aoi Flame
  • Alain Flame
  • Lea Flame
  • Joe Flame
  • Renelle Flame
  • Serena Flame
  • Sinoa Flame
  • Valentine’s Ezelith Flame
  • Xuan Zang Flame
  • Jurota Water
  • Luther Water
  • Renee Water
  • Summer Ranzal Water
  • Zardin Water
  • Rex Water
  • Eleonira Wind
  • Johanna Wind
  • Nicolas Wind
  • Ku Hai Wind
  • Fritz Light
  • Hanabusa Light
  • Odetta Light
  • Julieta Light
  • Amane Light
  • Ryozen Light
  • Taro Shadow
  • Berseker Shadow
  • Orion Shadow


The only major benefit that will make these units usable in the game. As it is, these units have obvious flaws that have no way of releasing them.

Character Element

  • Aurien Flame
  • Laxi Flame
  • Melsa Flame
  • Valentine’s Orion Flame
  • Yue Flame
  • Yuya Flame
  • Marty Flame
  • Dragonyule Nefaria Water
  • Dragonyule Xander Water
  • Ricardt Water
  • Cibella Water
  • Jakob Water
  • Pietro Water
  • Waike Water
  • Aeleen Wind
  • Francesca Wind
  • Philia Wind
  • Pia Wind
  • Sophie Wind
  • Halloween Althemia Light
  • Hope Light
  • Linus Light
  • Luca Light
  • Malora Light
  • Malka Light
  • Elias Light
  • Estelle Light
  • Raemond Light
  • Rawn Light
  • Felicia Light
  • Irfan Light
  • Halloween Edward Light
  • Norwin Shadow
  • Zace Shadow
  • Vida Shadow
  • Edward Shadow

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the Dragalia Lost Tier List?

Ans: Dragalia Lost’s tier list assesses characters based on their strengths and abilities. The categories are S through D and the S level is at the top of the administrator list. Characters within each category vary in strength, but all have an equal chance of being the best character on your team.

Ques: What Level is the Best?

Ans: The S-tier characters in Dragalia Lost are the strongest. They can do a lot of damage and have a strong immune system, so be sure to invest your time on these guys first!

Ques: What is the Worst Category?

Ans: The missing D-tier Dragalia characters are very weak. They don’t have the specific stats and abilities to see themselves in the higher divisions, so most players should avoid these new ones to find the best substitutes.

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Dragalia Lost is considered one of the best free or freemium games on the market. Cygames developer and publisher Nintendo has created Action JRPG that provides an effective combination of storytelling and gacha that allows you to be more than competitive.


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