Evertale Tier List All Ranked Characters 2023

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Evertale Tier List All Ranked Characters 2023

Hello and welcome to our Evertale tier list blog post for 2023! Evertale is a popular role-playing game with a vast array of characters to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, having a tier list of the best characters can help you build a more successful team and improve your gameplay. In this article, we’ll be ranking all the characters in the game based on their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. So if you’re ready to level up your Evertale gameplay, let’s dive into the tier list and see which characters come out on top!

Every tale is a released fantasy video game in which you find yourself in a fantasy world full of monsters. Over 180 monsters to fight. However, you can catch monsters and add them to your collection. You can create a team with up to 8 characters. After capturing a monster, you need to train it to fight other players. You can create a team with up to 8 characters. After capturing monsters, you need to train them to fight enemies.

The Evertale Level List is designed to help you do just that. We’ve ranked all the SSR letters from S to C to help you understand who to use and who to ignore. This article ranks all his Evertel SSR characters from best to worst. Layers S, A, B, and C. It is recommended to use higher-level modules.

This is because by the current definition these modules are very powerful and you don’t need to invest a lot in them. Tier list refers to the ranking of each character based on their individual attributes and overall strength. Mortal Kombat MK 11 Tier List & 7ds Grand Cross Tier List ,It helps you understand which characters are ranked higher than others and will therefore give you a better chance at winning.

What is Evertale ?

Every tale is a popular RPG based on a fantasy setting developed by ZigZaGame. On the surface, the basic monster harvesting mechanics resemble catching Pokémon in the wild, but digging deeper reveals that Evertale is more than meets the eye. Evertel’s functionality has changed since the release of version 2.0. You’ll see additional anime-inspired units, story expansion (including several character transformations) and related events, a revamped interface design, and Erden-centric content. Best of all, you don’t need a premium Android phone to run the latest Evertel update for him. This free Quality of Life update does not change the outstanding performance of the base game.

Evertale Tier lists

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Evertale Tier List – S

These are the highest scores in the game. Anyone can host their own party. These units are very useful as they have few strategies to deal with.

  • Anya – The Lost Von Draclow
  • Endless Astrid – Voice of Defiance
  • Astrid – Hero of the West
  • Jeanne d’Arc – Maiden of Radiance
  • Snow White – Queen of Dreams
  • Mysha – Fox-Eared Idol
  • Elmina – Sunkissed Mirage
  • Ossia – The Hollow Heart
  • Shuten-Douji – Degenerate Oni Queen
  • Aria – Petite Primordial
  • Rolotia – Sorceress of Dawn
  • Callen – Dragon Bride
  • Fornaxos – Flame Incarnate
  • Saya – Solitary Star
  • Norza – Blade of the Aeons
  • Young Rizette – Pure Blue
  • Alira – Sweet Beach Temptation
  • Ludmilla – Crimson Valkyrie
  • Callen – Daughter of the Dragon
  • Bahamut – Doomsday Dragon God
  • Endless Rizette – Angel of Ruin
  • Shanna – Red Riding Hood, Dragon Slayer
  • Alira – Silk-Veiled Siren
  • Dark Callen – Dark Guardian Dragon
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Evertale Tier List – A

These units are very close to the S-Class in terms of power and utility. But in order for them to shine, they need a solid supporting cast.

  • Elmina – Violet-Eyed Assassin
  • Endless Ludmilla – Savior of the Living City
  • Yuki – Born of Winter
  • Rei – Sakura Onmyoji
  • Mirai – Sparkling Idol
  • Kisara – Blade of the Summer Sun
  • Artimeia – Lady of the White Moon
  • Reina – Deadly Nurse
  • Callen – Seaside Scholar
  • Rizette – Spring’s First Blossom
  • Rizette – Lightbearing Leader
  • Shiori – Steed-Edged Sakura
  • Cyrus – Mercurial Mastermind
  • Endless Rizette – Maid of Midwinter
  • Astrid – Hero of Rigland (On Break)
  • Bahamut – Terror of the Gods
  • Rolotia – Lady of Eternal Summer
  • Antares – Thunderhearted Heroine
  • Clarice – The Black Rose
  • Rei – Goddess of Bounty
  • Altaieron – Soul of the Storm
  • Hibiki – Demon of Class 2-B
  • Infernal Mysha – Nine-Tailed Calamity
  • Maxima – Fiery Princess
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Evertale Tier List – B

These units are fine, but they work best as part of a decent team. These units complement any team composition you use, so they’re worth keeping if you can find them.

  • Shirra – Mistress of the Butterflies
  • Ludmilla – Knight Of The Holy Eve
  • Ryouma – Warrior of the Nameless Beast
  • Lucius – Fighter Against Fate
  • Voraxion – Adamantine Maw
  • Diabolos – Dragon Lord of Shadow
  • Akatsuki – Elven Swordmaster Supreme
  • Finn – The Crimson Crestbearer
  • Endless Astrid – Twilight Bride
  • Alice – The Eternal Dream
  • Ludmilla – The Paladin Bride
  • Rizette – The Cerulean Crestbearer
  • Merdain – Knight of Vengeance
  • Vesh – Will of the Soil
  • Kaidaros – Riptide Guardian
  • Kirin – Mythweaver
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Evertale Tier List – C

Weak units are often better than others on this list. The only acceptable time to use them is when you need points to complete a party.

  • Orzachron – Organica War Machine MK
  • Hibiki – Scarlet Oni Samurai
  • Vonn – Bearer of the Demon Maul
  • Elmina – Yuletide Rogue
  • Rolotia – Timeless Beauty
  • Elmina – Void Renegade
  • Rashanar – The Burning Hunger
  • Le Fay – The Witch of Avalon
  • Oumei – Spirit of Spring
  • Druke – Apex Blademaster
  • Nagi – The Ladies’ Knight
  • Ludmilla – Summertime Valkyrie
  • Grenzor – Scourge of the Hinterlands
  • Imran – The Walking Storm

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What is a tier list?

These are characters that have been grouped into five groups according to their abilities. These are the categories.

Tier S – This group includes the superior and strongest characters who have the most unmatched skills.

Level A – Similar to S, but not as much as S., they are also identified as strong characters as many of them have the best skills.

Tier B – Handling these heroes in a perfect strategy can make them the best hero to fight

Tier C – These are average e characters and most of them do not have strong skills to survive in the game. but they would be perfect for the first half of your game

Tier D – These are almost useless characters in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSR in Evertale?

Copied. ➤ SSR rating page. Evertale SSR characters have been rated in a rating system. They are categorized from S – C according to their difficulty of use and are introduced by “Skills and Rating” and “Character with High Compatibility”. You can use this as a reference when spinning the gacha.

Does Evertale pay to win?

Every tale is not a free game. This is a title that you must purchase before playing. This means that they are trying to sell you the game as one thing when in reality you are getting something completely different.

Are Evertale ads real?

I saw an ad on YouTube for a mobile game called Evertale that really caught my eye I looked up the game only to find it didn’t look like an ad going down any lower.

What is the Evertale Championship?

Through Mastery, you can increase the power of an elemental advantage, increase resistance to an elemental disadvantage, or create a special elemental advantage or resistance to another element.

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Evertale tier list is designed to help you make informed decisions when building your team in the game. We hope that this ranking of characters has been helpful in identifying the best characters to recruit and level up for your gameplay style. Remember that every player has their own preferences and strategies, so feel free to experiment and find the characters that work best for you. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and that new characters may be added to the game in the future, so keep an eye out for updates to this tier list. Good luck in your Evertale journey!

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