Tekken 7 Tier List ( Best Ranked Characters) 2023

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Tekken 7 Tier List ( Best Ranked Characters) 2023

No game is as clear and iconic an ambassador for its genre as Tekken. The franchise has been a mainstay of the fighting game community for decades.

You want to win at Tekken, right? Not all fighters are the same in Tekken, and some have crazy combinations and abilities. Here is the best Tekken 7 tier list.

General Information

The characters in Tekken 7 have been divided into seven levels. It starts with level S, which is the best of all. This stage consists of the characters: Steve and Hwoarang.

The weakest level is level F and has the characters Azuka, Lucky, and Gigas. There are a total of 37 characters in the game.

The latest addition was the character of Akuma Akuma is a character from another game called Street Fighter.

This cross-connection between the game franchises has made the game even more interesting and engaging for gamers.

If you haven’t played the game before, I recommend that you grab a copy and give it a try. It has an incredible cast of characters to play with and its mechanics make it addictive and rewarding for newbies. But make no mistake, it is brutally difficult to master when you decide to play. For me, one of the things that keep Tekken 7 going for so long is because it is constantly changing with little tweaks that make the meta completely different. That’s why you need this list to show you what’s working in the meta right now.

While professional Tekken 7 players can dominate the arena with any of the characters on this list, the characters higher up on this list provide an advantage in terms of power for most people.

Overwatch Tier List & For Honor Tier List based on their effectiveness. Each player has their own unique playstyle, and a talented player can use even the most ineffective hero to dominate a match.

Tekken 7 Tier List

One of the main features of Tekken 7, which appeals to unknown and competitive gamers alike, is how simple the gameplay and characters are, yet balanced.

This is a fighting game that professional gamers have no problem with saying, “You can play any character you want because your skills will ultimately determine your performance.” That sounds realistic and is evidence of the game’s perfect balance for fighters.

This is not to say that it is not possible to compile a category list for this game. Instead, we can quantify odds based on your tournament performance and data from thousands of online games.

That’s exactly what we have in store for you in this article, so read on for our latest Tekken 7 Tier list.

Tekken 7 S-Tier List

These heroes are the best in the game, and their skills are crucial to further the game’s battles. We can say that level S Tier Characters are heroes who have the most important characters close to their power and have the best growth during the game.

In any game, the strongest heroes are the ones who will help you win your battles. So in Epic Seven, this place is for S-tier heroes, and they’ll stay with you to form an army. These are the heroes who can be anointed as the most powerful. Because the S-level hero’s skills are better than others. Picking them will always be a great option to lead your winning battle for Tekken 7.

  • Akuma
  • Fahkumram
  • Geese Howard
  • Julia
  • Leroy
  • Steve

Tekken 7 A-Tier List

The heroes of A Tier are the ones who give you the most options in the entire game. Be it a battle or a PvP, Tier A Heroes are your greatest chance of winning over enemies. These heroes are also powerful, but a little lower than level S. But overall, this is the best level.

Heroes of a level have remarkable growth in statistics for every occasion and have comparatively high statistics. So we can say that inTekken 7, these heroes also become more useful in the battles you face during the game.

  • Bryan
  • Claudio
  • Dragunov
  • Feng
  • Ganryu
  • Jack 7
  • Jin
  • Kazumi
  • King
  • Marduk
  • Miguel
  • Paul

Tekken 7 B-Tier List

B-Tier heroes are those who still have good skills and a cohesive unit. There will be no obstacles to achieving victory with only level B heroes. That can still happen with the skills of level B Heroes. But remember, it won’t be that easy just to be successful with just level B heroes like level S and A. It will be a lot harder than usual.

You can still use these Tier B heroes in a game in Tekken 7 because of their gameplay. Some of these Tier B heroes are full of profitable niches that can be of great help to you. Below are the Tier B Heroes.

  • Devil Jin
  • Eliza
  • Heihachi
  • Josie
  • Kazuya
  • Kunimitsu
  • Lee
  • Lidia
  • Lili
  • Law
  • Shaheen

Tekken 7 C-Tier List

Tier C heroes are the middle heroes in Tekken 7, and they may not know how to say good or bad. You can use them in combination with other powerful heroes, or only if you like their skills in the game.


  • Alisa
  • Asuka
  • Bob
  • Eddy
  • Leo
  • Negan
  • Nina
  • Raven
  • Xiaoyu
  • Zafina

Tekken 7 D-Tier List

Tier D heroes are mostly incompetent, and there is no beneficial maturity growth either. We can’t say these heroes in Epic Seven aren’t evil, but they’re not healthy. Use these heroes when you have no other choice and when you get the chance, choose the strongest one.

  • Anna
  • Hwoarang
  • Kuma
  • Lars
  • Lucky Chloe
  • Panda

Tekken 7 E And F Tier List

E and F tier,  you can only use them at the beginning of the game. They’re also more terrifying than level D. So don’t even look at them to help in your game.

Don’t ever think of choosing F Tier players if you even have a slight choice to pick above tier players.

  • Armored King
  • Noctis
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Gigas
  • Lucky
  • Azuka
  • Katarina
  • Lei

Once we know the ideas that make Crossing Voidsuch an attractive game and what its own Crossing Void Tier List is about is that we can associate and understand the importance of the latter in order to enjoy the experience of this magnificent title to the fullest.

Backstories Of Some Best Characters of Tekken 7


Steve Fox’s character is always on the lookout for ancient knowledge.

Her mother’s motherhood is unclear throughout the play, and a certain Nina Williams keeps popping up in her story. Steve is known as one of the main characters in Tekken 7.


This is one of the most brutal characters in a game. Jin Kazama, the CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu, is its main rival and he is the backbone.

Jin disappears as the game progresses and Hwoarang travels to the Middle East without much knowledge.

Hwoarang’s characters are engaging and full of anger and vengeance.

Marshall Law 

One of the most important characters in Tekken 7, Law is mostly the father. She is responsible for paying her son’s debts.

At the same time, he was always busy pointing the way that most students missed. Hence the need for a strong warrior to be able to control and use his dojo.

His friend Paul told him he could do it, but a lack of talent caused Marshall to reject him.

After that, he has time to judge new and future battles, but no one lived up to his expectations.

He learns of a new champion from China who is supposed to be the next boss of God Fist and Law to go in search of this man.


The actor is originally from the United States of America. He is the most brutal fighter in the game.

His fighting style is freestyle kickboxing and he really knows how to kick certain butts.

There are widespread rumors in the game that the Tekken 7 actor has died twice and both times.

He was previously an international police officer. The doctors in the game gave him a replay for what he had on his health.


Originally from Mexico City, King is a seasoned candy band and an integral part of the Tekken 7 song list.

She also has an orphanage. The orphanage was her main source of income when she entered the King of Iron Fist competition.

King is a kind-hearted soul and he is a very talented fighter in this game.


Kazuya Mishima is the natural heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu. He was raised by the majority but showed rebellion against his father Heihachi.

He has awakened the power of the devil in him and can eventually control you. Kazuya is an important part of the Tekken 7-tier list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is an RPG?

Ans: Role-playing games, or RPGs, are video games that allow the player to take on the role of the main character. These RPG titles generally have an immersive site and complex narrative that can be changed based on the player’s choice.

Ques: What are the benefits of the Tekken 7-tier list?

Ans: The Tekken 7 Tier List is designed to help players better understand each character’s fighting skills and abilities in order to choose the ones they like. It also lets players know which characters are easier to defeat and can help them develop strategies to tackle those opponents.

Ques: How do you use a category list?

Ans: Whenever you decide which character to use, you can easily view a list of categories and decide who best suits your needs. If you’re looking for someone who can do a lot of damage or take a few hits without feeling too much pain, upper-class characters are your best option.

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As you continue to grow with Tekken 7, it will be better to stay in the class of heroes like S, A, and B. The reason to say that they correspond very well to the battles you face and may have led you to win. the game. So, make the wise decision to choose heroes in the game and safely take part in the victory.

I hope you find this helpful.

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