Epic Seven Tier List 2023: (Best Character for Every Class)

Epic Seven Tier List

With over 200 characters, with a variety of abilities, items, and styles, it’s easy to get lost in the list before embarking on your adventure. But we spent a lot of time with the heroes compiling this Epic Seven list, comparing stats across all categories, deciding who we think should join you as you battle this great 2D strategy RPG. Each character in Epic Seven has their strengths and weaknesses, especially in the various game modes, so it’s always good to change gears to suit your style of play. But this list of levels should definitely get you started racing!

Now, without any further delay, let’s get into the tier list.

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About the Game Epic Seven 

Epic Seven is one of the most popular gacha RPG games out there right now. The game cycle focuses on collecting heroes to help you advance through the story. You can choose up to four of these heroes for the turn-based battles of Epic Seven.

In Epic Seven, you have one of the best gacha games, you may want to know which characters are the best since there are so many of them and not all of them do very well.

The game is a responsive role-playing game with an emphasis on desktop building. The player can explore wells, fight other players in PvP or take part in battles in the stadium to get more items.

The game takes place in a world that the gods abandoned and left behind humans and the powerful creatures called Oma. Unsurprising forces are ravaging the country, creating tension between families trying to control it. The player must restore the balance in this exhausted world by fighting resource monsters and protecting his family from attacks.

Winning is not easy in this world as every fight is a fight that the player must fight. Victory will not come without hard work and strategy. That’s why we created this Epic Seven-Tier List to help everyone get away with it.

Epic Seven Tier List

The ranking of the Epic Seven tier list ranges from S to E, with S level made up of characters who are very powerful and difficult to defeat, while E level represents those with low stats or sets of levels. .

New to Epic Seven? If so, this section is for you! We’re going to cover some great launch champions who are strong at the game. Tier One (Tier S) – The best champions in the game:

Epic Seven S Tier List

These heroes are the best in the game Epic Seven, and their skills are crucial to further the game’s battles. We can say that level S heroes are heroes who have the most important characters close to their power and have the best growth during the game.

In any game, the strongest heroes are the ones who will help you win your battles. So in Epic Seven, this place is for S-tier heroes, and they’ll stay with you to form an army. These are the heroes who can be anointed as the most powerful. Because the S-level hero’s skills are better than others. Picking them will always be a great option to lead your winning battle for Epic Seven.

  • Ruele of Light 5-star
  • Arbiter Vildred 5-star
  • Auxiliary Lots 4-star
  • Seaside Bellona 5-star
  • Iseria 5-star
  • Martial Artist Ken 5-star
  • Specter Tenebria 5-star
  • Yufine 5-star
  • Roana 5-star
  • Vivian 5-star
  • Landy 5-star

Epic Seven A Tier List

The heroes of A Tier are the ones who give you the most options in the entire game of Epic Seven. Be it a battle or a PvP, Tier A Heroes are your greatest chance of winning over enemies. These heroes are also powerful, but a little lower than level S. But overall, this is the best level.

Heroes of a level have a remarkable growth in statistics for every occasion and have comparatively high statistics. So we can say that in Epic Seven, these heroes also become more useful in the battles you face during the game.

  • You fine: 5-star hero
  • Solitaria of the Snow: 5-star hero
  • Judge Kise: 5-star hero
  • Roana: 5-star hero
  • Dizzy: 5-star hero
  • Vivian: 5-star hero
  • Krau: 5-star hero
  • Diene: 5-star hero
  • Mildred: 5-star hero
  • Luluca: 5-star hero
  • Bellona: 5-star hero
  • Assassin Cartuja: 4-star hero
  • Celine: 5-star hero
  • Kise: 5-star hero
  • Fallen Cecilia: 5-star hero
  • Tywin: 5-star hero
  • Sigret: 5-star hero
  • Angelica: 4-star hero
  • Blood Blade Karin: 4-star hero
  • Basar: 5-star hero
  • Cidd: 4-star hero
  • Ravi: 5-star hero
  • Sliver Blade Aramintha: 5-star hero
  • Sol Badguy: 5-star hero
  • Chaos Sect Axe: 3-star hero
  • Violet: 5-star hero
  • Kayron: 5-star hero
  • Chloe: 5-star hero
  • Melissa: 5 star hero
  • Top Model Luluca: 5-star hero
  • Little Queen Charlotte: 5-star hero
  • Sez: 5-star hero
  • Achates: 4-star hero
  • Tamarin: 5-star hero
  • Alicia: 5-star hero
  • Elphelt Valentine: 5-star hero
  • Lilias: 5-star hero
  • Blaze Dingo: 4-star hero
  • Clarissa: 4-star hero
  • Commander Lorina: 3-star hero
  • Crimson Armin: 4-star hero
  • Elena: 5-star hero

Epic Seven B Tier List

B-Tier heroes are those who still have good skills and a cohesive unit. There will be no obstacles to achieving victory with only level B heroes. That can still happen with the skills of level B Heroes. But remember, it won’t be that easy just to be successful with just level B heroes like level S and A. It will be a lot harder than usual.

You can still use these Tier B heroes in a game in Epic Seven because of their gameplay. Some of these Tier B heroes are full of profitable niches that can be of great help to you. Below are the Tier B Heroes.

  • Flan 5-star
  • Chloe 5-star
  • Ray 5-star
  • Assassin Coli 4-star
  • Maid Chloe 5-star
  • Last Rider Krau 5-star
  • Shooting Star Achates 4-star
  • Tenebria 5-star
  • Charlotte 5-star
  • Diene 5-star
  • Destina 5-star
  • Champion Zerato 4-star
  • Baiken 5-star
  • Cermia 5-star
  • Celestial Mercedes 4-star
  • Lidica 5-star
  • Kawerik 5-star
  • Remnant Violet 5-star
  • Karin 4-star
  • Falconer Kluri 3-star
  • Apocalypse Ravi 5-star
  • Cerise 5-star
  • General Purgis 4-star
  • Haste 5-star
  • Kitty Clarissa 4-star
  • Shadow Rose 4-star
  • Leo 4-star
  • Specimen Sez 5-star
  • Rose 4-star
  • Rin 4-star
  • Researcher Carrot 3-star
  • Mascot Hazel 3-star
  • Baal and Sezan 5-star
  • Assassin Cartuja 4-star
  • All-Rounder Wanda 3-star
  • Guider Aither 4-star
  • Ludwig 5-star
  • Fairytale Tenebria 5-star
  • Mercenary Helga 3-star
  • Watcher Schuri 4-star
  • Assassin Cidd 4-star
  • Blood Moon Haste 5-star
  • Crescent Moon Rin 4-star
  • Mirsa 3-star
  • Lots 4-star
  • Guider Aither 4-star
  • Zealot Carmainerose 3-star
  • Fighter Maya 4-star
  • Faithless Lidica 5-star
  • Tempest Surin 4-star
  • Magic Scholar Doris 3-star
  • Dingo 4-star

Epic Seven C Tier List

Tier C heroes are the middle heroes in Epic Seven, and they may not know how to say good or bad. You can use them in combination with other powerful heroes, or only if you like their skills in the game.

  • Yuna 5-star
  • Holiday Yufine 5-star
  • Silk 4-star
  • Cidd 4-star
  • Dark Corvus 5-star
  • Luna 5-star
  • Clarissa 4-star
  • Commander Lorina 3-star
  • Serila 4-star
  • Carmainerose 3-star
  • Lilibet 5-star
  • Mui 5-star
  • Politis 5-star
  • Batisse 3-star
  • Wanderer Silk 4-star
  • Chaos Inquisitor 3-star
  • Sonia 3-star
  • Senya 5-star
  • Bomb Model Kanna 5-star
  • Designer Lilibet 5-star
  • Glenn 3-star
  • Great Chief Khawana 4-star
  • Lucy 3-star
  • Solitaria of the Snow 5-star
  • Choux 5-star
  • Zerato 4-star
  • Gloomyrain 3-star
  • Requiemroar 3-star
  • Sinful Angelica 4-star
  • Ambitious Tywin 5-star
  • Cecilia 5-star
  • Free Spirit Tiera 4-star
  • Hazel 3-star
  • Roman 4-star
  • Kizuna Al 4-star
  • Furious 4-star
  • Ainos 3-star
  • Schuri 4-star
  • Sage Baal and Sezan 5-star
  • Church of Ilryos Axe 3-star
  • Jecht 3-star
  • Crozet 4-star
  • Pavel 5-star
  • Khawana 4-star
  • Captain Rikoris 3-star
  • Hurado 3-star
  • Wanda 3-star
  • Mistychain 3-star
  • Surin 4-star
  • Righteous Thief Roozid 3-star
  • Khawazu 4-star
  • Dominiel 4-star
  • Doll Maker Pearl 3-star
  • Benevolent Romann 4-star
  • Coli 4-star
  • Celeste 3-star
  • Aither 3-star
  • Armin 4-star
  • Lena 3-star
  • Carrot 3-star
  • Taranor Guard 3-star
  • Ras 3-star
  • Zeno 5-star
  • Kikirat V2 3-star

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Epic Seven D Tier List

Tier D heroes are mostly incompetent, and there is no beneficial maturity growth either. We can’t say these heroes in Epic Seven aren’t evil, but they’re not healthy. Use these heroes when you have no other choice and when you get the chance, choose the strongest one.

  • Eaton 3-star
  • Gunther 3-star
  • Bask 3-star
  • Hataan 3-star
  • Maya 4-star
  • Alexa 3-star
  • Ian 3-star
  • Eda 5-star
  • Troublemaker Crozet 4-star
  • Mucacha 3-star
  • Sven 3-star
  • Doris 3-star
  • Pyllis 3-star
  • Godmother 3-star
  • Butcher Corps Inquisitor 3-star
  • Arowell 3-star
  • Elson 3-star
  • Purrgis 4-star
  • Rikoris 3-star
  • Lorina 3-star
  • Chaos Sect Axe 3-star
  • Montmorancy 3-star
  • Archdemon’s Shadow 5-star
  • Ains 3-star
  • Helga 3-star
  • Otillie 3-star
  • Cartuja 4-star
  • Nemunas 3-star
  • Roozid 3-star
  • Desert Jewel Basar 5-star
  • Corvus 4-star

Epic Seven E Tier List

As the last E tier will be the heroes,, you can only use them at the beginning of the game. They’re also more terrifying than level D. So don’t even look at them to help in your game.

  • Mercedes 4-star
  • Adlay 3-star
  • Roaming Warrior Leo 4-star
  • Tieria 3-star
  • Judith 3-star
  • Muse Rima 3-star
  • Kiris 3-star
  • Enott 3-star
  • Azalea 3-star
  • Kluri 3-star
  • Pearlhorizon 3-star
  • Rima 3-star
  • Taranor Royal Guard 3-star
  • Jena 3-star

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How do you use a Tier list?

Ans: Whenever you confuse which character to use, you can easily view a list of categories and decide who best suits your needs. If you’re looking for someone who can do a lot of damage or take a few hits without feeling too much pain, S-Tier characters are your best option.

Ques: What is a RPG?

Ans: Role playing games, or RPGs, are video games that allow the player to take on the role of the main character. These RPG titles generally have an immersive site and complex narrative that can be changed based on the player’s choice.

Ques: What are the benefits of the Epic Seven tier list?

Ans: The Epic Seven Tier List is designed to help players better understand each character’s combat skills and abilities and choose their favorite. It also lets players know which characters are easier to defeat and can help them develop strategies to tackle those opponents.

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As you keep growing with Epic Seven, you’d better stick with class heroes like S, A, and B. The reason you say they go very well with the struggles you face may have led you to victory. the game. So, make the wise decision to choose heroes in the game and safely take part in victory.

I hope you find this helpful.

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