Azur Lane Tier List (Best Ships For Each Nation) Jan 2023

Azur Lane Tier List

Azur Lane is a mobile game where players can collect and upgrade their ships to fight other players. The object of the game is to sink as many enemy ships as possible while defending yours. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Azur Lane tier list.

The Azur Lane category list is the ship’s level in order from top to bottom. Ships are calculated based on their ability to damage and tolerate damage, as well as which ship can best use which strategy.

You are starting? Then this article will be your best friend, as it will help you decide which ships to invest in first.

Do you have a favorite boat or are you one of the lucky ones to have all the boats? So you might want to know who is on your team when it comes to power level. This list of Azur lane tiers will help determine which of your ships can take on other players and which ships must be upgraded before they can be seen on the battlefield.

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What is Azur Lane?

Azur Lane is a mobile game developed by Chinese engineers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi in September 2017. On May 20, 2019, the English version of Azur Lane was announced and released on both iOS and Android.

It is a side scrolling shooter game that incorporates the anime style. The main characters in Azur Lane are based on warships from different countries. Players can upgrade their ships using in-game money and experience points, upgrade the skills of each ship, customize the player’s home base with decorations purchased from a cash register (bedroom), and interact with other players.

The main objective of the game is to defeat enemies and bosses in each level. Each stage has a manager that players must defeat before they can move onto the map.

Each ship represents different classes, such as light cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers, and destroyers. Players can choose to play with horizontal or vertical screen shapes if they choose which ship they would like to use in the game.

There are various characters (ships) available for the player’s control; Each character has different abilities and skills that increase as you upgrade your account. That is why you need to know which is the best warship that you can use for the different levels. So, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at Azur Lane’s tar list.

How Azur Lane Wars Works

In Azur Lane, you place your ships in two rows: the front line (Vanguard) and the rear. There are 3 spaces in each of these rows, so you need to plan which ships you will bring in and how you will position them to get to the oncoming crossroads.

Note that some pots may have only been planted in the past and others may have been the other way around.

When the location is complete, the map begins to scroll and enemies will appear in front of the player’s ships. The player must travel in their ships to destroy enemies and obstacles while minimizing the damage to their side. The goal of each encounter is to get to the boss at the end of the level.

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​how the battles in Azur Lane work, you probably have a clear idea of ​​how you will plan your game. Without wasting time, let’s get into the list of levels.

Azur Lane Tier List: Best Battleships

The category list indicates the grade or grade based on your skills and skill level. It is a list of characters that are calculated based on their strengths and abilities. Azur Route is one of the most popular games where players can choose to use different ships with different numbers and abilities.

Tier List Azur Lane S-Tier

These are the most powerful ships in the game. This Azur lane tier list will help you choose which ship to focus on first and make the most of it during gameplay. We recommend that you first upgrade your account with these warships.

You will have the best gaming experience if you have a handful of ships with you.

They have excellent math and equal ability in most cases where the game throws you at you.

             Ship               Type           Placement

  • Ayanami Destroyer Vanguard
  • Azuma Large Cruiser Vanguard
  • Baltimore Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Bremerton Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Centaur Light Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Chapayev Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Drake Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Enterprise Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Formidable  
  • Friedrich der Grosse Battleship Back Row
  • Gascogne Battleship Back Row
  • Georgia Battleship Back Row
  • Helena Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Howe Battleship Back Row
  • I-13 Submarine Carrier Back Row
  • Monarch Battleship Back Row
  • Nagato Battleship Back Row
  • Odin Battleship Back Row
  • Richelieu Battleship Back Row
  • Roon Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Ryuuhou Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • San Diego Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Seattle Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • U-101 Submarine Support
  • Warspite Retrofit Battleship Back Row

Tier List Azur Lane A-Tier

Tier A ships are beautiful and powerful. It is not a luxury ship like the S Tier, but it is still at the top of our list.

             Ship         Type   Placement

  • Akashi Repair Ship Back Row
  • Alabama Battleship Back Row
  • Amagi Battle Cruiser Back Row
  • An Shan Destroyer Vanguard
  • Bismarck Battleship Back Row
  • Bunker Hill Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Cheshire Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Duke of York Battleship Back Row
  • Eldridge Destroyer Vanguard
  • Essex Aircraft Carrier Backline
  • Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • I-168 Submarine Support
  • Illustrious Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Jean Bart Battleship Back Row
  • Jintsuu Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • King George V Battleship Back Row
  • Kitakaze Destroyer Vanguard
  • Laffey Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard
  • Minneapolis Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Montpelier Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Neptune Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Ning Hai Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Noshiro Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Perseus Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Ping Hai Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Portland Retrofit Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Saint Louis Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Saratoga Retrofit Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Swiftsure Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Tashkent Destroyer Vanguard
  • Tosa Battleship Back Row
  • U-47 Submarine Support
  • Unicorn Light Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Vestal Repair Ship Back Row
  • Yat-Sen Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Yukikaze Destroyer Vanguard
  • Z23 Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard
  • Zara Heavy Cruiser             Vanguard

Tier List Azur Lane B-Tier

At this level, we have ships that make up the current game meter.

While they are not as powerful as the previous ones, they can still control the game, especially in the hands of experienced players.

              Ship               Type           Placement

  • Albacore Submarine Support
  • Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Aurora Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Birmingham Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Casablanca Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Cavalla Submarine Support
  • Champagne Battleship Back Row
  • Cleveland Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Columbia Light Cruiser Elite (Special)
  • Dido Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Hanazuki Destroyer Vanguard
  • Hermione Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Hood Battle Cruiser Back Row
  • Hyuuga Retrofit Aviation Battleship Back Row
  • Ibuki Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Javelin Destroyer Vanguard
  • Jeanne D’Arc Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Kaga Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Kawakaze Destroyer Vanguard
  • Little Bel Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Littorio Battleship Back Row
  • London Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Mogami Retrofit Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Newcastle Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Nicholas Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard
  • North Carolina Battleship Back Row
  • Queen Elizabeth Battleship Back Row
  • Shouhou Light Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Tirpitz Battleship Back Row
  • U-81 Submarine Support
  • Valiant Battleship Back Row
  • Z1 Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard

Tier list refers to the ranking of each character based on their individual attributes and overall strength. Raid Shadow Tier List & Hearthstone Arena Tier List ,It helps you understand which characters are ranked higher than others and will therefore give you a better chance at winning.

Tier List Azur Lane C-Tier

Here we have the usual boats that can hold up but can barely get out. There are better ships at higher tiers, so consider replacing them.

             Ship           Type   Placement

  • Algerie Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Arizona Battleship Back Row
  • Belfast Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Curacoa Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Curlew Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Eskimo Destroyer Vanguard
  • Gangut Battleship Back Row
  • Hiryuu Retrofit Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Izumo Battleship Back Row
  • Kagerou Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard
  • Kizuna Al Destroyer Vanguard
  • Little Renown Battleship Back Row
  • Prinz Eugen Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Sheffield Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Shoukaku Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Sirius Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Souryuu Retrofit Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Suruga Battleship Back Row
  • Victorious Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Wichita Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
  • Zuikaku Aircraft Carrier Back Row

Tier List Azur Lane D-Tier

These are the wrong decisions if you want to build a ship that will take you to the endgame content. Consider disposing of these containers as soon as possible.

              Ship   Type       Placement

  • Akagi Aircraft Carrier     Back Row
  • Bataan Aircraft Carrier     Back Row
  • Biloxi Light Cruiser     Vanguard
  • Carabiniere Destroyer Vanguard
  • Eagle Aircraft Carrier     Back Row
  • Fumiruiru  Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Kinu Light Cruiser     Vanguard
  • Mikasa   Battleship     Back Row
  • Reno Light Cruiser     Vanguard
  • Sendai Retrofit   Light Cruiser   Vanguard
  • Shangri-La Aircraft Carrier Back Row

Tier List Azur Lane E-Tier

These ships do not perform well in the game and do not give players any advantage when it comes to playing the game, rendering them completely useless during the game.

               Ship                 Type Placement

  • Anniversary Kizuna Al Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Chaser Light Aircraft Carrier Back Row
  • Hibiki Destroyer Vanguard
  • Icarus Destroyer Vanguard
  • Isuzu Light Cruiser Vanguard
  • Naganami Destroyer Vanguard
  • Tanikaze Destroyer Vanguard
  • Tartu Destroyer Vanguard
  • U-556 Submarine Support
  • Zeppy Aircraft Carrier Back Row

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How Can I Use the Azur Lane Tier List?

Ans: It is very easy to use this list of Azur lane levels. All you have to do is read the list and choose which ship you want to play with, depending on its level. For example, if you are playing at level five or less, it may be better to use level S ships, as it will help you to overcome these levels much more easily than others.

Ques: Why is the Azur Lane Tier List Helpful?

Ans: Azur Lane’s list of categories is useful for players as it helps to understand which ship has the necessary strength and power during the game. It also allows them to understand what type of ship they need for specific levels or managers, allowing them to strategically choose their characters.

Ques: What are the Benefits of the Azure Lane Tier List?

Ans: Azur Lane’s tier list offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Helps determine which ship is best suited to different levels of the game.
  • Allows players to see which ship they need to upgrade or upgrade before engaging in battle.
  • It helps to determine if the player has a strong enough team and if their boats are well developed.
  • Help players decide their levels and stay on the leaderboard.
  • It allows a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each ship.
  • While playing, it can be difficult for new players to choose which ship to upgrade to. Azur Lane’s tier list will help you figure out which ships are the best to start with.

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So you have all the girls on the boats available in Azur Lane going from best to worst. Consider following this guide if you want to improve your performance in this game.

Of course, there is more to the game than having powerful units.

If you have a great sense of humor, you will be in a good position to adapt your equipment to your liking, avoiding the frustrations that come with the difficulty of the game.

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