Paladins Tier List ( Best and Worst Characters lists ) 2023

Paladins Tier List

Paladins is one of the most popular shooting games on the market. The game has received tons of updates, tweaks, and changes since its launch. In the world of Paladins, Flash mode is the most competitive way to play. Many players are trying to figure out how to get their level as high as possible, so they need a list of paladin categories to help them in this endeavor.

In this article we will discuss a list of the best Paladins to get an idea of ​​the best players you can play with in Paladins and why it is important for those who want to master the calculated mode.

Since its launch, Paladins has been the model for everyone’s access to free games while offering high-quality gameplay. If you want a game that gets your blood flowing, then Paladins is the place to look.

The problem that many people face is simple. Which of the 41 should I choose? The first thing we will say is that each player has their own style of play, so choose the one that best suits yours. Did you understand? Ok now forget it. If you want to take this game seriously, some actors will give you a huge advantage over the enemy. These are the ones you really should play.

Join us to find out everything you need to know about each champion with a brief overview, skills, and tips on how to best use this category.

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What is ‘Paladins’?

Paladin is a first person shooter game that emphasizes closer combat where champions fight each other using their unique abilities / skills and abilities. Currently, there are 50 playable heroes in the game, divided into four different roles: Ancient Goddess, Interstellar Bounty Hunter, Cutthroat Pirate, and Frost Giant. With such a wide range of champions, not all champions play very well. That’s why we have a special list of Paladins sections to help you with that.

Paladins takes place in a sci-fi fantasy world called the Realm or Realm. There are elements of both myth and science, including medieval soldiers using various weapons like rifles and assault rifles instead of swords.

In the world of the Paladins there is a conflict between two groups; Magistrate and Resistance / Paladins. Although the Magistrate attempts to control magic by preventing anyone other than his members from using it, the Resistance says that magic should be available to all and used for good. Specialists were hired to reduce the number of casualties on foot. Heroes will be considered “special forces” as they perform better than the general army in warfare. However, not all champions are busy. There were some who did not take sides during the war, but hired both and gave them mercenaries. Some of these special forces were dedicated to a specific group, the Magistrate or the Resistance.


Paladins is a first-team shooter based on two teams of five players each, competing for battle-based objectives. The game takes place on colorful sci-fi fantasy maps, where each player selects a repeatable hero on the same team and can be changed in-game. Each champion has their own weapons, abilities, and fighting style; In addition, they can be enhanced and personalized using cardboard and leather systems. Individual player interactions are very helpful and personalized, with customizable avatars and parameters to suit the player’s profile; arguments when you reach the top 30 with a champion, among others.

Paladin Tier List (2022)

This Paladins category list is updated for 2022 and selected by a Paladins player who is familiar with the game. This list is divided into five categories: Level S, Level A, Level B, Level C, Level D and Level E, with Level S being the leader and Level E being the worst.

As you consider this list, you will need to think about the type of champion your team needs so that everyone can do their part to win quality matches.

Each champion’s name is followed by their level, role, type of damage they do best, and different abilities that make them different from other champions in the Paladin category.

The classification is as follows:


These are currently the best champions in the game and will likely give any player a cap on the opposing team.

Additionally, each champion has a great ability that can make or break a game if used at the right time. They can easily change the mood of the game on their own thanks to their powerful abilities.

Champion Class

  • Koga Flank
  • Atlas Front Line
  • Makoa Front Line
  • Inara Front Line
  • Cassie Damage
  • Bomb King Damage
  • Barik Front Line


Powerful champions who can match S-tiers (with the proper gear setup, of course). Don’t overlook these boxers, as their military prowess remains one of the most sought-after sports.

Champion Class

  • Imani Damage
  • Lian Damage
  • Viktor Damage
  • Ying Support
  • Seris Support
  • Androxus Flank
  • Mal’Damba Support
  • Ash Front Line
  • Fernando Front Line
  • Io Support
  • Terminus Front Line
  • Khan Front Line

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Now we come to the balanced characters of the game. Here we have a combination of DPS, support, and tanks that can work in many situations, but not the strongest areas that can be high-level players. If you spend a lot of time reading one of these characters, you can have a huge impact on the game.

Champion Class

  • Strix Damage
  • Willo Damage
  • Sha Lin Damage
  • Furia Support
  • Grover Support
  • Jenos Support
  • Pip Support
  • Torvald Front Line
  • Drogoz Damage
  • Kinessa Damage


In C-Tier we find characters who have a certain ability to work in a team, but who often do not perform well. His damage isn’t good enough, and the same can be said for his survivability, whether it’s walking or on pure HP. They can be very selective and require a lot of team interaction, so make sure you are on the same page. It is a bit dangerous to choose these characters.

Champion Class

  • Evie Flank
  • Lex Flank
  • Talus Flank
  • Zhin Flank
  • Raum Front Line
  • Dredge Damage


We went from “danger” to “great danger”. It’s not that the characters are ugly. They simply don’t have the resources to compete with the top of the list. They excel in all aspects. If damage, survivability, mobility, heal, aid, AOE, crowd control has better characters than these.

Champion Class

  • Tyra Damage
  • Vivian Damage
  • Ruckus Front Line
  • Grohk Support
  • Buck Flank


What should be said about the content of the list? These characters cannot be selected.

Champions Class

  • Skye Flank
  • Moji Flank
  • Maeve Flank

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the Paladins Tier List?

Ans: The Paladin Category List is a list of the best of the best and most powerful Paladins that you can play.

What makes this list so important to players who want to do well in Rankid mode is that it tells them which champion to choose for their team, based on information like how many kills each champion, what roles they play (eg. ) And even more.

Ques: Why is the Paladins Tier List Important?

Ans: The Paladin category list is important for those who want to go pro because it tells the player which champion to choose for their team, taking into account stats like how many people died per person and what roles they played.

Players should consider this list when choosing a champion so they don’t get frustrated trying to climb a ladder and become a featured player in the game.

Ques: How Do I Get to Tier S Champions?

Ans: Practice is the key; the more you play, the better the champions open up. And another thing that will help you get a higher position is the right amount of gold, cards and equipment and weapons for your professional development. You can also unlock the master’s degree by completing the requirements.

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Paladins is a multiplayer team shooter game that provides interesting and exciting information to players of all skill levels. The game competes against two teams in one in specific battles, the goal is to destroy your opponent’s core while protecting yours.

To help you find success on the Paladin battlefields, we have compiled this Paladin list that ranks which heroes are best suited for different roles and their strengths and weaknesses. Please note that the champion’s power cannot be surpassed by the players’ ability to play.

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