Mobile Legends Tier List (Full list explained in order) 2023

Mobile Legends Tier List

The multiplayer online battleground game (MOBA) has a massive 103 heroes, each with their own set of moves and play style.

There are only a few free Mobile Legends heroes; you will have to unlock most of them through the battle points obtained by playing or using diamonds that you buy in the store. New Mobile Legends heroes are typically stronger and more expensive to entice you to spend your hard-earned coin, but fear not; Our Mobile Legends tier list lets you choose the most competitive Mobile Legends characters from each class.

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About the Game Mobile Legends

With more than 70 million players per month, Mobile Legends (ML) takes its place as one of the most popular mobile games to date.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an amazing MOBA phone, comparable to other big names like League of Legends: Wild Rift. Similarly, Mobile Legend has tons of characters, each with a different ability to line up on the battlefield, and we decided to create this list of categories to help you choose the best ones. There are Riflemen, Supporters, Tanks, Mages, and other classes that you can play based on your team’s needs.

The game consists of using your skills to meet and get lips. The higher your position, the more rewards you will receive. That being said, there are different types of ammo that can be used on any battlefield: from melee fighters to archers to mages.

As for MOBA, I think you already know the basics: laying siege to enemy towers to take them one by one, find a place for your opponent, and then try to enter his base and close his crystal defeat (base). Many times you won’t be able to do it on your own and you will have to rely on your team to win the game. After all, it is a team game!

Mobile Legends Tier List

It is important that the team has a good balance between Engage (tank, assassin, hunter), support, magician and sniper. Based on this tier list, you can decide which heroes to use in each category to improve your chances of winning.

This Mobile Legends list is divided into categories, so choose heroes based on the role you want to play. Also, remember that each group must be at least somewhat involved (usually a tank), support (usually a therapist), and harm the vendors (which must be magical and physical injuries).

Mobile Legends S Tier List

Heroes in this category are considered the highest power and must be selected / excluded from every competitive game. You have the tools to promote yourself, but you also appreciate some of these tools for putting together different team songs.

Unlock these heroes first if you want to find the best heroes from the beginning of the game.

Hero Role

  • Valir Mage
  • Grock Tank
  • Yu Zhong   Assassin
  • Natalia   Assassin
  • X.borg   Fighter
  • Khufra   Tank
  • Zhask Mage
  • Ling Assassin
  • Claude       Marksman
  • Silvanna     Fighter
  • Kimmy     Marksman, Mage
  • Hylos Tank
  • Kaja Fighter
  • Badang Fighter
  • Bruno Marksman
  • Luo Yi   Mage

Mobile Legends A Tier List

These heroes from the highest level of the meta in the current game. You may have to deal with these heroes often as they are not as powerful as S level ones, which means they are not severely restricted in competitive sports.

            Hero Role

  • Wan Wan Marksman
  • Selena Assassin, Mage
  • Jawhead Fighter
  • Chang’e Mage
  • Granger Marksman
  • Cecilion Mage
  • Masha Fighter
  • Diggie Support
  • Hanzo Assassin
  • Lylia Mage
  • Atlas Tank
  • Lancelot Assassin
  • Thamuz Fighter
  • Gatotkaca Tank, Fighter
  • Esmerelda Mage, Tank
  • Pharsa Mage
  • Helcurt Assassin
  • Uranus Tank
  • Chou Fighter
  • Freya Fighter
  • Lolita Support, Tank
  • Karrie Marksman

Mobile Legends B Tier List

Tier B heroes are still part of the metagame. With the right hands, these heroes can get along with their A and S counterparts. Of course, they have some flaws that do justice to their good qualities.

All in all, a solid pick for many situations and the best cornerstone for a well-prepared team.

 Hero Role

  • Carmilla Support
  • Angela Support
  • Hayabusa Assassin
  • Kagura Mage
  • Gord Mage
  • Terizla Fighter
  • Leomord Fighter
  • Aldous Fighter
  • Lesley Marksman, Assassin
  • Belerick Tank
  • Kadita Mage, Assassin
  • Ruby Tank, Fighter
  • Odette Mage
  • Hanabi Marksman
  • Yi Sun-Shin Marksman, Assassin
  • Roger Fighter, Marksman
  • Gusion Assassin
  • Tigreal Tank
  • Harley Mage, Assassin
  • Guinevere Fighter
  • Nana Mage, Support
  • Harith Mage
  • Estes Support
  • Hilda Fighter, Tank
  • Moskov Marksman
  • Franco Tank

This Jump Force Tier List will give you the best overview of the best heroes in Jump Force.

Mobile Legends C Tier List

These are honorable heroes with a few sharp flaws that can be dangerous to your team if not dealt with properly. They rarely lead their teams to success on their own, but mostly they depend on strong support of yours.

   Hero Role

  • Lapu-Lapu Fighter, Assassin
  • Popol and Kupa Marksman
  • Balmond Fighter, Tank
  • Minotaur Tank, Support
  • Irithel Marksman
  • Fanny Assassin
  • Martis Fighter
  • Lunox Mage
  • Johnson Tank
  • Aurora Mage
  • Dyrroth Fighter
  • Rafaela Support
  • Faramis Support, Mage
  • Zilong Fighter, Assassin
  • Eudora Mage
  • Alucard Fighter, Assassin
  • Cyclops Mage

Mobile Legends D Tier List

These heroes almost completely collapsed in the current meter due to a lack of athletic support. Talented players can take these heroes to catch an opponent unknowingly, but this is a very dangerous strategy.

Hero Role

  • Karina Assassin
  • Baxia Tank
  • Argus Fighter
  • Clint Marksman
  • Akai Tank
  • Bane Fighter
  • Alice Mage, Tank
  • Sun Fighter
  • Miya Marksman

Mobile Legends E Tier List

These heroes fall screaming for good reason. They have nothing in common and are as powerful as any other warrior. We can even go as far as to say that the selection of these heroes sometimes gives the enemy group a natural advantage.

Hero Role

  • Vale Mage
  • Alpha Fighter
  • Minsitthar Fighter
  • Vexana Mage
  • Saber Assassin
  • Layla Marksman

Who Is the Newest Mobile Legends Hero?

Floryn is a new hit game hero from Mobile Legends. Arrival on 09/22/2021

If you want to win fast, you can use the new Mobile Legends hero. It is Mobile Legends custom to believe that the next character released will be the strongest. And while this is often the case for many, they are also quickly affected by patches, revisions, and the balance quickly disappears after onset.

So if you just want to avoid the whole list and jump straight into battle with one character who can defeat them all, Floryn is for you. It will take time for other players to learn to resist it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the Beast Legends Tier List?

Ans: The Mobile Legends tier list lists every hero in the game from S to D, with D being first base. The best heroes are at the top of the list and they keep going down. This is because your opponents will have less powerful heroes on their team, making it easier for you to win the game.

Ques: What is the purpose of the Mobile Legends category list?

Ans: The Tar Lists are designed to help players understand which hero suits his playstyle and individual strengths, and to avoid accidentally choosing a character who doesn’t play well in combat.

Ques: How do heroes rank on the Mobile Legends tier list?

Ans: Each hero’s ranks in this tier list indicate how much he can contribute to the team. Higher level means that they are more likely to help their teammates win battles, while lower level characters may need more skills and experience to complete successful tasks.

Ques: Why should you use the Mobile Legends tier list?

Ans: The Mobile Legends tier list is a great way to choose the best hero for your team without wasting time trying them all out. 

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The Mobile Legends Tier List is an easy-to-understand guide that will help you choose the best hero for your team without wasting time trying them all. It contains all the information an experienced player needs to choose a character and rate their abilities on an S-E scale, where E is the worst on the team.


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