Hearthstone Arena Tier List ( New Updated) 2023

Hearthstone Arena Tier List

The game has been continually modified with the patch 19 predecessors. Its goal is to improve the gaming experience of its fans by measuring the current meta.

If you want to get incredibly competitive and segregated Hearthstone Arena games, you might have a ton to get rid of.

Here we have put together a list of Hearthstone Arena tier list that ranks deck builds starting from the best and going all the way down to the worst to make everything direct and simple for you.

Each category is different, but some decks create a particular advantage over everything else. Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into Hearthstone Arena Tier List.

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About the game Hearthstone Arena 

Hearthstone Arena, also known as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, can be played for free online suggested and developed by Blizzard Entertainment. After the global launch of Android and Android on March 11, 2014, Hearthstone builds on the already existing experience of the Warcraft series and offers more for the first time to compete with any other limited only by geographical region with Limes.

This is a turn-based game between two opponents in which a chosen hero with different powers consists of thirty decks of cards. Players point out that men are crystals for casting spells or summoning minions to attack the opponent, and the goal is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero. Winning games can win in-game gold, be rewarded with new cards, and other games in the game. Players can then purchase new cards through gold or microtransactions to customize and upgrade their positions. There are a number of toys, including casual and ranked games, daily questions, and weekly challenges, to win lots of gold cards and cards. New game content includes the addition of new card games and games, either in the form of expansion packs or single-player systems.

The game received positive reviews from critics and was confirmed as Blizzard Proven. In May 2017, Blizzard reported more than 70 million Hearthstone players. The game has become very popular and tournaments are organized by Blizzard and other promoters.

Hearthstone Arena Tier List

Hearthstone is currently in a state of flux, especially as new card packs are introduced. The Hearthstone meta and decks in the arena tier list are constantly changing, and some higher tiers, like Paladins, can fall like a rock with some gameplay additions and nerfs. For now, though, let’s talk about the decks you’ll need along the way to climb the leaderboard. Here’s our Hearthstone Arena leaderboard.

Hearthstone Arena S Class List

We’ll start with the top of our Hearthstone Arena leaderboard, the S-Class. These decks, if you’re lucky enough to have the cards that make them up, are the best decks you can get in the game right now. When you have these, you can find more frequent wins on the leaderboard, regardless of where you are in the ranks. For starters, we’ll first talk about Rush Warrior, Aggro, and Elemental Shaman, and surprisingly, Control Priest. Let’s start.

  • Rush Warrior
  • Control Priest

Hearthstone Arena A+ Class List

This is the section of our Hearthstone Arena leaderboard where we place decks that are above class A but do not have the power to become class S decks. We will start with the Aggro and Elemental Shaman decks and finally the Deathrattle deck. Demon Hunter.

  • Aggro Shaman
  • Elemental Shaman
  • Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Hearthstone Arena A Class List

Now that we’ve completed Tier A +, we come to the Tier A decks on our Hearthstone Arena tier list. These decks are the ones that have solid wins on the leaderboards but aren’t strong enough to move to A + or S. We’ll start with OTK Demon Hunter, then Aggro Hunter, followed by Miracle Rogue, and lastly Token Druid.

  • OTK Demon Hunter
  • Aggro Hunter
  • Miracle Rogue
  • Token Druid

Hearthstone Arena B Class List

Now that we’re done with Class A decks, let’s talk about Class B decks. These decks on our Hearthstone Arena leaderboard are reasonably strong. However, they have gotten out of line due to the new cards or their effectiveness has been reduced due to the new strategies. Either that or they got out of class C and improved, but not much.

To start, let’s talk about Secret Rogue. Then fight paladin, mage, and finally clown druid.

  • Secret Rogue
  • Libram Paladin 
  • Spell Mage 
  • Clown Druid

Hearthstone Arena C Class List

Finally, we have the Class C decks, also known as the bottom of our Hearthstone Arena tier list. These decks are usually pretty good, but a lack of support eventually led to them falling out of favor. In their current state, it is not recommended that players rank these decks. We will start our count with Control Warlock and finally Control Warrior.

  • Control Warlock
  • Control Warrior

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More Details About Decks

Rush warriors

Rush Warrior is a deck archetype that was created with the release of Forged in the Barrens. Some might even say that pregnancy is on the deck thanks to a new pack of cards. This deck is incredibly aggressive and emphasizes early victory.

The desktop freely uses fast minions, as well as maps that magnify the urgent agents to obtain victory as quickly as possible. Many fats and benefits where the park does not fit in the field, there is a great snowball effect after a wave of minions rushes to kill the enemy hero. The desk does this by handling older cards like the Parade Leader and the Crabrider with aggression. Meanwhile, new cards like Blademaster Saburo expand desktop and combat abilities.

Control Priest

Next up is Control Priest, a deck archetype that emphasizes healing minions while eliminating your own enemy. The main tool on the control priest’s desk is to make sure they can control the game using as many spells as possible. Now they are fed up with having another player outlive their cards and produce large quantities.

The presiding priests generally try to control the game at the beginning and in the middle of the game. He does this by carefully using spells to eliminate threats. For example, a player managed to hurt Alexstrasza. He can make his next chance; You can use it to destroy Alexstrasza without attacking him again. In Control Priest, Holy Smite takes on this role, which can be added to the deck if necessary. However, the cover ensures that the enemy is kept on its hind legs by the tone of the captured agents. Right now they have spells that their strong ambassadors refuse to use.

Aggro Shaman

The aggro shaman is in his current state, trying to plunge the enemy into a midgame game. They do this with cards like Torrent and Lightning Bolt combined with cards like Rockbiter Weapon to empower agents. The desktop archetype may be old, but it still has fuel to burn off those young bullies. However, due to the fast state of the desktop, there are some documents in the meta that can pass you by. But if you play your cards right, you can eliminate opponents.

Aggro Shaman’s rise to the Metaliste did not appear anywhere. However, the escalation is supported by a couple of new cards in the new miniset. In particular, Cagemach Custodian, Novice Zapper, Inara Stormcrash, and Doomhammer.

Elemental Shaman

The desktop is aggressive, but mostly in the mid-range in terms of aggro and control. Because when they get elemental synergies, they improve their control of the board. However, if they feel like they aren’t looking for enough damage, adding Doomhammer will help.

As for the playstyle, the Elemental Shaman hits fast and hard. The Screaming Caves, and often associated with The Barrens, have been added to several powerful additions to the roster of elemental shamans. This allowed the stand to evolve to a distance from one of the classes A packages in Meta. Thanks to the new cards, the first game is no longer a problem and his ability to draw is amazing. Combined with cards that, when used correctly, can change the playing time at will? You can see why the elemental shaman became so popular.

Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Another variant of the new category is Deathrattle Demon Hunter, a variant that was released due to the new expansion. Deathrattle Demon Hunter plays a medium-heavy color and becomes more intense when many of the player’s agents call upon you for Deathrattle’s effects.

The deck, however, requires an engine to initiate a pain jerk, and that engine is the Razorfen Beastmaster. Because of this servant, other Deathrattle agents can be immediately called to the board, especially strong Deathrattle agents like Renown Performer can also summon their agents. Once more agents have fulfilled the death breath summons, it will be better for them to be able to control the war with the death breath summons and effects. They don’t have a lot of fat on the board, more food to beat the enemy.

OTK Demon Hunter

This deck is designed to ensure that the opponent dies in one turn if the cards are lined up. This deck requires a lot of time to prepare and a good head on the player’s shoulders to win. But with efficiency, a strategy-oriented booth, and maybe even with a little luck? Yes, players can go and reduce the opponent’s full HP to zero very quickly.

Miracle Rogue

Next up is Miracle Rogue, an old multiplayer favorite of the time, but it’s back a bit now. Typically, Miracle Rogue decks use Gadgetzan Auctioneer as their desktop engine. Today that card has been replaced by people at Forged in the Barrens Extension, specifically Field Contact. The main difference between these is the way your results work. Gadgetzan Auctioneer allows players to draw a card each time they practice witchcraft. Meanwhile, Field Contact draws a card each time players use a battle cry or combo card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Should you start using the S-Tier deck classes right away?

Ans: It depends. If you have the cards to build the decks in this Hearthstone Arena tier list, then yes. The Hearthstone PvP community remains incredibly competitive to this day. If you’re playing casually, it’s usually okay to experiment and find decks that suit your play style on your own.

Ques: The deck classes at the bottom cannot be played?

Ans: As mentioned above, it depends on where you play them and your preferred playstyle. Playing the decks at the bottom of our Hearthstone Arena leaderboard doesn’t mean you can’t win. It simply means that you have less chance of winning compared to your enemy.

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Hopefully, this list will guide you through your journey in this game. Make sure you master the elements of the game and see if the champions you have are worth keeping.


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