How to Cross Out Text in Discord?‍ ( Quick & Simple Ways ) 2023

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How to Cross Out Text in Discord?‍ ( Quick & Simple Ways ) 2023

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app for tens of thousands of people 13+ to chat and connect with your community and friends.

People use Discord every day to talk about everything from art projects to family gatherings. When it comes to homework and mental health, you see people tap into emotions that they might not.

You’ll also see people discussing server roles and features. And many more interesting things Discord’s basic features take some time to understand, one of those features is the text format.

You can use different techniques. To format your text and make it unique, this article explains how to write a message in Discord in a very simple way. you can get detailed working guide to Get Discord On PS4 & Fix When Discord Not Picking Up Mic  also check now.

Can you create conflicting messages?

Yes, you can create conflicting messages! When you participate in conversations and chat with your friends on Discord, a powerful system called “Marktown” runs in the background to record all your messages.

Created by Aaron Swartz and John Gruber in 2004, Markdown was originally designed as a simple program. It includes a markup language that can read and write simple sentences

As of today, Markdown is a full-featured text engine that can strategically use custom symbols like italic, underline, bold, and more. for use in Discord.

Quick Ways to Cross Out Text in Discord

There are two easy ways to How Cross Out Text in Discord:

1. Use the Context Menu

The context menu is only available in the desktop/browser version of Discord. As the name suggests, context menu items are used to perform context-sensitive tasks. These keyboard shortcuts appear when you right-click or point to the desired text.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Discord’s required text context menu:

  • Type the desired text into the Discord chat window.

  • Select the text you want to format and point to it until a small black bar (pop-up menu) appears.
  • Select “S” from the list of Discord text shortcuts.

  • after select “S” you can get your cross out text .

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2. Use Markdown

Every time you use Discord, Markdown starts running in the background without your knowledge. Here’s how to do this Discord text trick.

Step 1: Open Discord and select the message you want to create for your friends or in a specific chat. Enter the desired text.

Step 2: Before entering the text you want to enter, select the field with the “~” symbol. First, you need to enter two tiles. If you type a word, quickly go back and type roof.

Step 3: After you finish typing the words you want to list. Add two layers at the end. When you’re done, this section will immediately appear on the clipboard. So you can easily see what it looks like. And make corrections if necessary

Step 4: Type text and it will be underlined as before. If you are using a mobile phone, this marking method works if you have the wave symbol on your mobile keyboard.

Markdown runs in the background and produces all of our messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you identify the message that has already been sent?

Yes, if you move the cursor over the text. A pin icon that says “Edit” will appear. Click this option to add u0022~~u0022 before and after the message. Click the small “Save” button below the message. And your message will be saved.

Can I skip other people’s messages?

Banned: There is no way to edit someone’s message, even as the server owner. If you don’t like the message, you can enter an emoji reply. Or delete the text by clicking on the three connected vertical dots.

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A simple guide to help you get the most out of Discord. To do this, you can use keyboard shortcuts or use a tool after highlighting the text. Success is great when you can delete words from messages you don’t need without deleting the entire text.


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