How to Underline in Discord ( 100 % Working Method ) 2023

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How to Underline in Discord ( 100 % Working Method ) 2023

Using Discord can be confusing if you don’t know how to do it. You may have seen your friends and group members use all sorts of design tricks, from bold text to font color. I’ve seen many other text users sometimes use different tempting text formats such as underline, bold, italic, streaked, and add lots of fun colors and ways to send messages to Discord.

How do you want your message to stand out to the public? Want to highlight important parts of your message or add a touch of style to your post? If so, you may really need the rules. Here, you will know all the Discord tension patterns in minutes. If you are a Discord user, I suggest you read this article to the end and learn a lot of new things about it. Let’s get started. we provides Best Discord Names & Best Discord Status for users.

Easy Ways To Underline In Discord

Discord is a chat or messaging app, and this app is similar to programs like TeamSpeak or Skype, or professional communication systems like Slack. This Discord microphone provides services such as audio, video, text, graphics, and Discord screen sharing. Many gamers use this platform and Discord is one of the platforms that allows its users to chat during games. When using this app, you will find many new and unique things about this game.

Instead, I have seen other attackers use it sometimes to send messages to Discord in many colors and beautiful styles. We want to tell you that there is no need to have permission to create text for your message or Discord message. In this article you will learn just about it and when this article will learn how to write interesting Discord stories and information.

How to underline in Discord?

After using this app when you are given to it if you are a new user arguing, this article will help you during the whole writing process. With text, you can highlight your words or highlight messages. The strong product has changed the way you read. Also, when someone views your post, it has a huge impact on the focus of the article. It keeps employees focused on your main ideas.

The type of text format under the most popular brand of discord servers. Most people want to use it but do not know how to properly define Discord. So I took some steps. But wait.

  • First, open the Discord app on all platforms and open the Discord private messaging section.
  • In Discord, enter the dialog box whose information wants to add results.
  • Now with the help of the pad add two periods (__) before and after your sentence. You can add it by clicking Shift + –
  • For example, if you want to mark the phrase “How to Highlight Discord” you should type it as __How to Highlight Discord__ Enough to change it.
  • Or if you want to make a word like the one below, you can write “How to define __ Discord__” (without words)
  • Finally, click the Add button, so they can send a message.
  • When you click, enter the information that will be displayed as a logo for other users.

How to Underline in Doscord with bold and italic text effect?

But why stay on the same track? So you create a set of syntax code that you need to know the code to use for that purpose. So, with these simple ways, to hone your skills, you can also hone others in the way you write code.

Before moving on to text editing, we have provided you with text editing options. Often found on Discord. Here we have coded easy to use, you can convert all fonts to Discord without much effort.

  • The first step, open the discord application and enter the text you want to send.
  • Next, For Bold + Underline you have to add two lines (__) and two stars (**) before and after the text (_ **).
  • And for Italy + Ext you need to add two lines (__) with key slash ( *) like (_ *)
  • Now click the login button to send the message.
  • Your post will be served as an extension and have a big impact on others at the same time.

Can you format text in discord?

Yes, you can categorize texts into conflicts! When you contribute to chats and chats with friends on Discord, there is actually a powerful background system that can handle all the scripts called Markdown.

Markdown was first created in 2004 by Aaron Schwartz and John Gruber and was originally designed to be simple software that includes sign language that can read and write simple sentences. Right now, Markdown is a complete set of tools that can use a combination of symbols to sort Discord words in print. , Intermittent, dangerous, etc. you can get Top Voice Changers Apps For Discord & Discord Age Checker also check now.

How to bold text?

If you want to make bold writing in your Discord chat, all you have to do is put two punctuation marks at the beginning of the text and two at the end of the text (this is an example: ** bold text * *). On the standard key, the icon can be marked by pressing the ‘SHIFT’ and ‘8’ keys respectively.

How to italicize text?

When you think of ‘Beautiful Fonts’, the letter fits the bill! You can use scrolls for a variety of purposes, such as enlarging your essay or reinforcing your main point. As with bold text, you will use the asterisk to show Markdown that you want to write a part of a text. Instead of putting two punctuation marks on each side of the selected text, you only need to place one punctuation mark on each side to look like this: * italic text *.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How to escape text in discord and see the underscores?

Answer: Use Backslash (\) after each word in your text to make the impact of underscores.

Ques: What is Markdown in discord?

Answer: Markdown is a markup language utilized for format and combines stylistic elements with plain text. It’s a smooth function and lightweight engine that operates in the background of Discord for text formatting.

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After reading the full story in the text format below, we hope you can edit the text you want in that format in the underlined format on Discord. Discord has several other design features or other customization features, all of which are shared on our website so you can browse our website and learn more about Discord’s configuration features. If you still have any doubts or suggestions about Discord Underline’s writing rules, please comment below your thoughts or doubts. We will dispel your doubts as soon as possible.

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