How to Delete DigiLocker Account Permanently ( 100 % Working Ways ) 2023

How to Delete DigiLocker Account Permanently

Managing documents have always been hard work, you never know when you going to need them and what if you don’t have them with you when you need them. The paper copies of the documents like mark sheets, educational certificates, PAN cards, driving license, Aadhar Card, Passports were subject to wear & tear and loss.

But in 2015 government of India launched DigiLocker, a cloud service. Managing documents now is so easier than ever. You can download your important documents from Digi locker, keep them with you on your mobile device and you can use them whenever you need them!

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What is DigiLocker?

The Department of Electrical and Information Technology launched India’s Digitizing Online Service with the Digilocker App. Provides a cloud account to the user who owns the Aadhar card. This cloud account can be used to access legal documents such as driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, educational report cards, and more in digital form for actual issuers of these certificates. The account holder will have 1GB of cloud space to upload all scanned copies of legal documents to this app.

The beta version of this app was launched in July 2015 by the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The first cloud space available to users was 100MB and has grown over time. The file size of each file cannot exceed 10MB.

How Does the Digilocker App Work?

Many users are still wondering how the Digilocker app works. If you need to use the Digilocker app, take a look below:

Users must have an Aadhaar number to use DigiLocker. To register you need to enter the Aadhaar number and the one-time password sent to the mobile number registered by Aadhaar.

Here’s how to use the Digilocker app:

  • First, the user must download the Digilocker app, they can do it on the Android Playstore or use the Apple App Store to download apps on their smartphones. They can also visit its website to download the app for their PCs.
  • Users must then log into the app. This can be done by entering the Aadhar number in the required field, users will find the OTP in the Aadhar registered mobile number they need to use. This will create a user ID in the Digilocker app.
  • Users can now access their electronic documents uploaded by the Organization. They can also use the download function to upload any legal document and sign it via email.
  • If users need to share any of these documents with officials, they can use the share feature and send a link to the document.

Advantages of DigiLocker

Proper use of DigiLocker has many benefits, but here I will tell you about some of the main benefits you get from using DigiLocker.

  • You can access documents anywhere and anytime.
  • Digilocker helps you keep your email documents safe.
  • You can share your documents online using Digilocker.
  • A quick search for government services is helpful.
  • Here you can save up to 1 GB.
  • Here you can upload PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF file types.
  • The documents of this application are accepted everywhere.
  • You can also download your e-Aadhaar.
  • If you use Digilocker, you can avoid keeping copies of documents for yourself.
  • These are some of the benefits you will get if you use Digilocker.

How to Delete a Digilocker Account

Well then. You may notice that once your DigiLocker account is registered and activated, the account will remain there. And there is no way to delete a Digilocker account.

And if you sign up with an Aadhaar card, your Aadhaar details will be automatically updated in your DigiLocker account. Once updated, it cannot be deleted.

What if you want to delete your Digilocker account but are worried about how to delete it? because the GOI did not provide an option in the application to delete or close the Digilocker account.

If so, don’t worry either because I’m here to help you. So the only way to delete the DIgilocker account is to publish it. So let’s see what we can send them to get rid of our Digilocker account.

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How to Delete DigiLocker Account Permanently?

There is only one way to permanently delete your Digilocker account. But even this method does not provide a 100% guarantee that your account will be deleted.

But if you have a good reason to delete your Digilocker account, there is a 70-90% chance that your Digilocker account will be deleted.

To delete your Digilocker account using this method, you’ll need to send them an email first, then take the time to reply again. If you are lucky, they may get back to you within 24 hours or sometimes it may take longer.

So now let’s see how you can get rid of your Digilocker account

  • Log in to your email address where you want to email them.
  • Then click “Create”.
  • Then call it “Request to delete Digilocker account”
  • Then write your email ‘
  • And after composing your email, send it to ‘[email protected]

How to Use a Free Digilocker Account?

Sometimes we create our account and forget to log in or we may create our account to get our best username in any forum and then don’t use it for a long time or for some reason don’t use it. Then, when you are done with your Digi Locker account, we will tell you how to activate and use your Digi Locker account.

  • First, visit the Digilocker website – Visit Now.
  • Now log in using yours and enter your mobile number.
  • Click Forget Password and continue to the next step.
  • Now enter the one-time password in Aadhar’s registered number and send it there.
  • Choose your password.
  • Then proceed with login.
  • Voila, you have created your account now you can use it and enjoy your verified data online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How Do I Delete Documents From Digilocker?

Log into the DigiLocker website and go to the extracted text section. Select the document and click Delete. You can delete all documents in Digilocker without an Aadhaar card. Log into the Dilgilocker website and you will find the delete icon for all documents checked out outside of Aadhaar.

Ques: How Do I Remove My Number From Digilocker?

Go to the Digilocker website.

  • Log into your Digi locker account.
  • Click on the uploaded documents.
  • In the list of uploaded documents, click the delete icon to remove the document from your Digilocker website.

Ques: How Safe is DigiLocker?

Ans: Yes, of course, the app is 100% secure thanks to its robust real-time authentication system and secure gateway that allows users to exchange documents with it. Check the application verification method to determine the authenticity of all documents and this quickly ends the fraudulent activity.

Ques: Can I Delete my Aadhar Card?

Ans: Aadhaar is a 12-digit identification number issued by UIDAI to Indian citizens. However, once this is done, there is no process to cancel or abandon Aadhaar, even after death. Furthermore, there is no provision to update the owner’s death information on the Aadhaar website as well.

Ques: What Kind of Documents Can You Upload to Digilocker?

Ans: There are two types of documents that can be stored in DigiLocker.

Some documents are issued by competent authorities. For example, if you want to keep your driving license, you need to fill in the required details. Then you will download the actual driver’s license from the website.

You can also upload other types of relevant documents. Suppose we want to save the grade sheets. You can scan and upload these types of documents directly.

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Finally, I hope you are well acquainted with how to delete a permanent Digilocker account using a variety of methods. We have talked about all the possible ways to delete a Digilocker account in this article.

You can follow one of the above steps to delete the Digilocker account. We have tried to make you understand easily with the help of the step-by-step process also with screenshots and videos.

Along with that, we have also mentioned the answers to frequently asked questions related to Digilocker account where all doubts can be removed by you.

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