9 Best Discord Server Templates in 2023 ( Fresh & Ultimate List )

Best Discord Server Templates in 2022

Discord is a great platform for people who want to build an online community. Today, Discord is used by people with interests ranging from art to music, education, and more. The first thing to do on Discord to get started is to create a server. However, setting up a Discord server can be tedious as it involves setting up channels, roles, and permissions.

Discord provides server templates to simplify this process, and you can also create your own. If you’re looking for some great Discord server plans, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best free Discord server themes you can use to get started with your server.

In other words, Discord server templates are basically blueprints for creating new servers.

What is the server template?

Server templates are used to define configuration settings for new application servers. When you create a new application server, you can choose a default server template or a template based on another existing application server you created earlier. we also provides Best Discord Names & Best Discord Status for users.

How to use Discord templates easily?

To use server templates on Discord, find any suitable template on the Discord Templates site. If you find the template you want, open the template you want and click “Apply Template”.

The Discord Templates site has a large collection of community server templates categorized by tags. To find server templates, you can search for an area of ​​interest, such as “games,” and you’ll see a list of related templates to use on your Discord server.

Whenever you click Apply Template, the Discord app will open and prompt you to replace the server template with the latest template you just selected.

To add a server image, click the “+” icon and select a file from storage. You can even include the server identifier in the “Server Name” subject. Finally, when you click Create, your server template will change.

Here is the list of the best Discord server templates for 2022

1. Creator and Hobbyists

Discord itself has also provided official templates, so these are Discord approved! One of my favorite templates provided by Discord is a custom template for creators and hobbyists who want to build a Discord community. For example, if you have an online platform and want your fans and followers to get to know each other, this can be a great way to do it!

To get started, scroll through the list where each model has its own section. Go to the Creators & Hobbies section, click on the frame and right arrow button, and your own server will be up and running in no time!

2. Streamer or Community Server Template

It includes design, welcome, and approval channels, chat channels for bots and people, and more.

With this design, if you are a streamer or have your own Twitch channel, you can create your own Discord community for your Twitch or streaming channel. Having a Discord server for your fans, followers and streamers is a must if you want to grow your business and connect with them.

3. Bot Support

For bot developers like me, having a server where you can answer user questions and feature requests is a great way to keep the community active. Users will be more likely to refer your bot to others if they can find answers to their questions and their issues are resolved through the customized support service you have created for your bot. Providing excellent customer support can go a long way!

In terms of setting up your server to support bots, the template below will help!

4. Cafe-Themed Aesthetic Server

The cafe-themed Discord server theme has additional classes, channels, and roles compared to the Backyard Cafe theme. This theme is suitable if you are working on a large Discord server.

The theme has 9 classes: Confirmation, Welcome, Basic, Payment, Cafe, Media, Other, Staff Room, and Audio Channel. To satisfy food lovers, the channels offer cafe themes, pancakes, scones, cookies, and more.

A cafe-themed aesthetic pretends to be a server, “client”, “friends”, “bot” and more. It has over 4,000 uses and is one of many other common patterns.

5. One other Japan Theme

Another Japan theme is a Japanese-themed Discord server theme. Packed with lots of channels and characters. This server template is ideal if you are running a large Discord server.

The model has six classes: “Information Desk”, “Main Room”, “Comfort Room”, “Partners”, “Sound”, and “Staff”. Channels feature Japanese-themed emoticons, such as the cherry-blossom emoticon.

6. Gaming Community Friends

It’s time to make a Discord server template for the game! If you run a Discord game server, this template is for you. The game’s friend community design allows you to relax with friends or colleagues.

It has 8 categories: Welcome, Important, Level, Chat, Partner, Owner Voice, Voice, and Game Section. The Game Room category is divided into game sound channels such as game duos, game trios, game teams, and open game chat. The Friends gaming community has more than 2000 apps.

7. Pirate theme

 Do you like pirates, looting and games? If so, the Pirate Theme server theme is for you! The template has 4 categories: “Server Status”, “Info”, “Bot Commands” and “Social Distance”. Also includes 15 pirate-themed characters such as Crew, Navigator, and Actin.

This theme is perfect for pirate games and games. It has over 1000 uses and is one of the most popular themes. you can get Top Voice Changers Apps For Discord & Discord Age Checker also check now.

8. Retro

This theme is a great way to include your old favorite movies, music, and games in your server subscribers.

You can run a poll, ask server members to vote for their favorite decade, and create a server ranking based on the results!

Members can then share and discuss their favorite songs or current video games with other members.

This can be a great opportunity for server members to get to know each other, which is always a great bonus! More conversation and interaction will help your server become more popular, which means more fun in the long run!

9. Chill server

If you want to create a server with a casual or simple theme, I recommend that you take a look at this template.

It also offers audio channels for a variety of interests, such as specific games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Ourselves.

To host a game or chat event, do so man it’s great, and having a separate channel for each game would be useful in general.

A variety of roles are available; Many of them have purple hues and hues that replicate the purple image beautifully.

If you want to make a great server, definitely give it a try!

How to Create a Discord Server Template?

To create a Discord server template, you must be responsible for owning the server or understanding the “Manage Server” permissions.

Now select the Discord server where you want to create the template and click on “Server Templates” from the “Server Settings” menu: Here you enter the name and description of your template from the Discord server and click on “Server Templates”. “Create Image” button:

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Discord is a versatile voice and messaging platform that lets you chat with friends and meet new people in general. That said, it can be overwhelming if you’ve never used it before. We hope you found the server template pages helpful in setting up your server. Templates make creating a Discord server easy!


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