Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List (Best Heroes By Color) 2023

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List (1)

What are the best Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)? To get the full view, you need a list of levels. Here is a list of the Fire Emblem Heroes category.

It can be difficult to check the list of over 500 Fire Emblem Heroes, but the appeal of the now unique gacha strategy game is reason enough.

FEH, as it is widely known, borrows a lot from the gacha formula.

Basically, you collect units (called heroes) to use in grid-based strategic battles. As a Fire Emblem game, it also has a unique main story, with many side effects and limited-time events throughout the entire campaign.

Not all heroes are created equal in FEH, which means that the hero level is adequate to be used as a guide to building the final team of the final game content.

You can see in the following sections the list of levels, as well as descriptions of how they are made.

Tier list refers to the ranking of each character based on their individual attributes and overall strength. Mortal Kombat MK 11 Tier List & 7ds Grand Cross Tier List ,It helps you understand which characters are ranked higher than others and will therefore give you a better chance at winning.

What is a Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)?

Fire Emblem Heroes is a turn-based simulation game developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android. Published in February 2017.

FEH is an RPG strategy game where the player controls his team of heroes and fights around them to fight against enemy forces. Players have access to a variety of modes that they can play via Arena Assault (PVP), Training Tower (grind to win prizes) or Story Maps (main model).

The game’s strategy stems from a variety of factors, including how they level up their units in the Training Tower by giving them specific weapons to increase their numbers accordingly; which heroes are best suited for specific roles (such as a healer or tank); increase the power of weapons that can transform a wave of war; and so on.

The game has many different types and the best way to play is to use different heroes. The Fire Emblem Heroes category list focuses on how strong they are in battle, so it’s important to have units with a high combat count. That’s why a FEH tier list is a great way to compare units.

Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Tier List

Players can recruit all of their favorite heroes in the Fire Emblem series for Fire Emblem heroes. This makes the hero list long, which is why many players are looking for a FEH tier list. Here is a list of Tier Emblem Heroes (FEH) which lists all the heroes in the game.

Now, before you go to the list, you need to know a few things:

  • Red units are strong against green units and weak against blue.
  • Green units are strong against green units, but they are not weak against red ones.
  • The blue unit is strong against red but weak against green.
  • Colorless units have special numbers.

FEH S Tier List

The Fire Emblem Heroes S section consists of very useful war heroes and superpowers. They can easily be used to finish tough battles and will likely take significant damage throughout the game.

In addition, they often have skills or abilities that make them different and powerful.

            Heroes  Weapon Color

  • Young Caeda Red
  • Spring Idunn Red
  • Tibarn Red
  • Fallen Ike Red
  • Fallen Julia Red
  • Idunn Red
  • Sothis Red
  • New Year Alfonse Blue
  • Legendary Azura Blue
  • Fallen Corrin (Male) Blue
  • Peony Blue
  • Duo Ephraim Blue
  • Legendary Julia Blue
  • Brave Eliwood Blue
  • Legendary Tiki Blue
  • Surtr Green
  • Winter Sothis Green
  • Brave Ike Green
  • Nagi Green
  • Thrasir Green
  • Valentine’s Alm Green
  • Fallen Tiki Colorless
  • Legendary Alm Colorless
  • Veronica Colorless
  • Fallen Corrin (Female) Colorless
  • Valentine’s Faye Colorless
  • Caineghis Colorless
  • Hoshidan Summer Micaiah Red

FEH A Tier List

Fire Emblem Heroes The stage is where the heroes begin to have a high chance of impacting the battlefield. They are still very effective at tasks like solving lawsuits and fighting tough battles, but they may require more strategies than found at S levels.

          Heroes             Weapon Color

  • Kiria Red
  • Shannan Red
  • Larcei Red
  • Líf Red
  • Brave Alm Red
  • Sigurd Red
  • Legendary Seliph Red
  • Halloween Myrrh Red
  • Halloween Hector Red
  • Flying Olivia Red
  • Summer Tiki (Young) Red
  • Altina Red
  • Ophelia Blue
  • Nils Blue
  • Nailah Blue
  • Reinhardt Blue
  • Forsyth Blue
  • Winter Nino Blue
  • Hardin Blue
  • Tsubasa Blue
  • Spring Est Blue
  • Young Palla Blue
  • Bridal Nailah Green
  • Legendary Celica Green
  • Fallen Lyon Green
  • Yarne Green
  • Mamori Green
  • Fallen Robin (Male) Green
  • Winter Fae Green
  • Picnic Felicia Green
  • Myrrh Green

Use the best heroes in MCOC Tier List & King’s Raid Tier List   to win more battles.You can use these list to know which heroes are worth acquiring and investing in if you want to take on the game’s most challenging content.

FEH B Tier List

Section B of Fire Emblem Heroes contains heroes that can be considered important depending on how you use them. They can be extremely useful and efficient in the right hands, but their overall fighting power isn’t as strong as that of elite warriors.

            Heroes Weapon Color

  • Mareeta Red
  • Midori Red
  • Byleth (Female) Red
  • Byleth (Male) Red
  • Iago Red
  • Legendary Ike Red
  • Legendary Eliwood Red
  • Valentine’s Ike Red
  • Picnic Flora Red
  • Soiree Ishtar Red
  • Mirabilis Red
  • Legendary Chrom Blue
  • Brave Lucina Blue
  • Legendary Ephraim Blue
  • Brave Hector Blue
  • Valentine’s Rudolf Blue
  • Naga Blue
  • Lilith Blue
  • Young Merric Green
  • Osian Green
  • Brave Ephraim Green
  • Valentine’s Hector Green
  • Brave Micaiah Green
  • Spring Fir Green
  • Bramimond Colorless
  • Mila Colorless
  • Brave Lyn Colorless
  • Halloween Jakob Colorless
  • Duma Colorless
  • Bridal Fjorm Colorless


FEH C Tier List

Fire Emblem Heroes category C contains heroes that are considered standard in all kinds of situations. While they can’t tackle difficult tasks on their own, these heroes have a great opportunity to make a difference in the right hands.

            Heroes       Weapon Color

  • Say’ri Red
  • Legendary Roy Red
  • Legendary Marth Red
  • Brave Celica Red
  • Owain Red
  • Líf Red
  • Midori Red
  • Summer Joshua Red
  • Karel Red
  • Lon’qu Red
  • Fir Red
  • Ryoma Red
  • Lilina Red
  • Lethe Red
  • Hostile Springs Elise Red
  • Legendary Eirika Red
  • Hríd Red
  • Legendary Seliph Red
  • Eldigan Red
  • Ares Red
  • Siegbert Red
  • Halloween Myrrh Red
  • Winter Zephiel Red
  • Zelgius Red
  • Black Knight Red
  • Aversa Red
  • Valentian Catria Red
  • Caeda Red
  • Elincia Red
  • Fallen Delthea Blue
  • Legendary Lucina Blue
  • Ylgr Blue
  • Ninian Blue
  • Linde Blue
  • Micaiah Blue
  • Ishtar Blue
  • Lute Blue
  • Fjorm Blue
  • Tailtiu Blue
  • Fallen Berkut Blue
  • Dimitri Blue
  • Brave Eliwood Blue
  • Legendary Ephraim Blue
  • Mathilda Blue
  • Berkut Blue
  • Oscar Blue
  • Halloween Niles Blue
  • Winter Ephraim Blue
  • Halloween Ilyana Blue
  • Winter Nino Blue
  • Gwendolyn Blue
  • Fallen Hardin Blue
  • Summer Laegjarn Blue
  • Summer Ingrid Blue
  • Clair Blue
  • Cordelia Blue
  • Bridal Ninian Blue
  • Lewyn Green
  • Hilda Green
  • Ced Green
  • Hawkeye Green
  • Merric Green
  • Raven Green
  • Linus Green
  • Summer Selena Green
  • New Year Lethe Green
  • Olwen Green
  • Halloween Kagero Green
  • Winter Jaffar Green
  • Amelia Green
  • Spring Veronica Green
  • Young Minerva Green
  • Cherche Green
  • Gangrel Colorless
  • Silque Colorless
  • Soiree Nephenee Colorless
  • Tanya Colorless
  • Chad Colorless
  • Gordin Colorless
  • Faye Colorless
  • Virion Colorless
  • Legault Colorless
  • Leon Colorless
  • Summer Gunnthrá Colorless
  • Picnic Genny Colorless
  • Ethlyn Colorless
  • Claude Colorless
  • Forrest Colorless
  • Summer Linde Colorless
  • Priscilla Colorless
  • Elise Colorless
  • Clarine Colorless
  • Nanna Colorless
  • Winter Cecilia Colorless
  • Halloween Dozla Colorless

FEH D Tier List

The Fire Emblem Heroes D category is made up of heroes who may not make a major contribution to the team. They could be useful, but they are very short in combat and will likely need help from other units on the battlefield if you want to make an impact.

           Heroes    Weapon Color

  • Garon Red
  • Itsuki Red
  • Bridal Oboro Red
  • Bantu Red
  • Astram Red
  • Hubert Red
  • New Year Anna Red
  • Ewan Red
  • Eyvel Red
  • Sanaki Red
  • Eirika Red
  • Henry   Red
  • Selena Red
  • Athena Red
  • Masked Marth Red
  • Marisa Red
  • Saber Red
  • Ayra Red
  • Soleil Red
  • Summer Lilina Red
  • Sigurd Red
  • Zephiel Red
  • Draug Red
  • Winter Tharja Red
  • Spring Palla Red
  • Olivia Red
  • Fallen Ashnard Red
  • New Year Eir Red
  • Mordecai Blue
  • Hoshidan Summer Ryoma Blue
  • Ephraim Blue
  • Mae Blue
  • Nowi Blue
  • Donnel Blue
  • Delthea Blue
  • Nephenee Blue
  • Performing Shigure Blue
  • Selkie Blue
  • Panne Blue
  • Death Knight Blue
  • Olwen Blue
  • Ursula Blue
  • Summer Cordelia Blue
  • Clive Blue
  • Picnic Lukas Blue
  • Kjelle Blue
  • Valbar Blue
  • Effie Blue
  • Winter Robin Blue
  • Naesala Blue
  • Lilith Blue
  • Petra Blue
  • Est Blue
  • Catria Blue
  • Lugh Green
  • Summer Ylgr Green
  • Helbindi Green
  • Libra Green
  • Rinkah Green
  • Ross Green
  • Echidna Green
  • Arthur Green
  • Summer Elise Green
  • Dorcas Green
  • Rhajat Green
  • Performing Inigo Green
  • Ranulf Green
  • Summer Wolt Green
  • Rath Green
  • Halloween L’Arachel Green
  • Python Green

FEH E Tier List

The last category is known as Fire Emblem Heroes Tier E, which contains heroes that can be considered useless in most cases. They have no real use and are basically low quality fodder that can be used for information.

           Heroes                 Weapon Color

  • Spring Bruno Colorless
  • Bridal Louise Colorless
  • Valentine Silque Colorless
  • Roy Colorless
  • Hostile Springs Camilla Colorless
  • Summer Takumi Colorless

This FEH category list includes all the other unnamed heroes in categories S, A, B, C, and D. They may be useful to some degree, but aren’t really capable of handling high-level requirements or machinery on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What are the Advantages of a Tier List?

Ans: There are many benefits to a list of FEH categories, including:

  • It makes it easier for players to get started and know which heroes to invest in.
  • It allows you to discover new heroes that may never have been used before, but can still perform well when played correctly.
  • You can win multiple prizes with certain characters and quickly complete missions based on the strength of the entire team.
  • You can earn a lot of orbs to find new heroes and work to find your favorite.

Ques: What are Tactical Role Playing Games?

Ans: Tactical RPGs are a subset of video simulation games where battles are performed via a menu command system, as opposed to an action warfare system. Many clever RPGs give each character math bonuses and penalties that affect their performance in battle.

Ques: How Can the FEH Tier List be Used?

Ans: The FEH level list is divided into three color-coded sections (red, blue and green). Red heroes are strong against green heroes. Green heroes are strong against blue heroes. Blue heroes are strong against red heroes. So, for example, a player using red heroes should prioritize releasing green heroes over blue or red heroes.

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The FEH tier list is a useful tool to help players gauge which heroes are worth farming and using in battle. Players mainly use it to prioritize which characters are best for completing missions and what kind of heroes they should use in certain situations.

By following this list of Fire Emblem Heroes tiers, players can make the most of their resources without wasting much time with heroes who don’t necessarily contribute much to their overall strategy.

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