MCOC Tier List Champions (Best & Worst Champions) 2023

mcoc tier list champions

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) is a landmark game with many fans. It attracts a diverse audience, with many players of all ages. It’s packed with great action and fast-paced gameplay, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. That is why we have created this list of MCOC classes.

Do you want to improve? Yes! But how do you know which are the strongest and which are the weak? This list of sample categories from MCOC will help guide your decision making.

This is a useful tool for deciding which champions to invest in, and is also good for new players looking for advice. We’ve ranked all the champions in their order, strongest to weakest, so it’s easy for you, our readers, to find what’s most relevant and important.

Marvel Contest Of Champions, an interactive multiplayer video game, combines intense battles with a huge roster of heroes and villains. It may seem that recruiting the best champions in the game’s large group to form a fantastic team is an easy task. Only when you go into action do you realize how difficult it is.

However, with the list of MCOC categories provided below, your job has been made much easier. Let’s move on to the Marvel Contest of Champions category list.

Tier list refers to the ranking of each character based on their individual attributes and overall strength. Mortal Kombat MK 11 Tier List & 7ds Grand Cross Tier List ,It helps you understand which characters are ranked higher than others and will therefore give you a better chance at winning.

What is MCOC: Marvel Contest of Champions?

Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile fighting game created by Kabam in which players collect and upgrade Marvel characters to fight other enemies. Players can form a team of champions to fight in rotating combat and have the opportunity to collect over 203 Marvel characters from different eras.

Playing in MCOC includes single player modes, multiplayer PvP, story mode requirements, live events, Alliance Wars for organizations, and more.

The single player modes incorporate story mode requirements that compete in a series of rounds in which players must defeat enemies to win the game. The player’s team will earn experience points as they fight each round, which can be used to level up or improve their skills. Other single player modes include Alliance Wars, which is anti-organization.

Multiplayer PvP includes live events that players can join and compete for rewards as heroes or equipment. There is also a tier league where players of the same skill level can compete to see who is the best. Cooperatives will be able to access Guild vs Guild, which can be a multiplayer PvP mode for up to four alliances.

The Marvel Contest of Champions category list is an attempt to find out which characters are the best in the game based on their abilities and stats. If you are new to the game, this list can help you. So, without wasting time, let’s go ahead and dive in.

MCOC Tier List in 2022

Simply building a strong team does not guarantee success because developing it is so important in the game. Therefore, in addition to spending time choosing the right one, you should also invest in resources for its development.

Also, not all characters are suitable for all challenges that arise. As a result, as you go, you will see different lists of different event categories based on role, skill, collaboration, and other factors. So go through everything and see which sample fits well.

Note: With the exception of the last category of posts, each category only includes the best competitors, as I don’t want to name useless champions.

Tier S

These champions are extremely strong and have a very high ceiling that makes the game difficult. They can also quickly remove damage while also being able to take it quickly, making them perfect characters for competing players.

         Champion   Type

  • Namor Mutant
  • Sunspot Mutant
  • Colossus Mutant
  • Domino Mutant
  • Omega Red Mutant
  • Archangel Mutant
  • Doctor Doom Mystic
  • Nick Fury Skill
  • Corvus Glaive Cosmic
  • Hyperion Cosmic
  • Captain Marvel Cosmic
  • Ghost Tech
  • Guillotine 2099 Tech
  • Void Science
  • Captain America (Infinity War) Science
  • Quake Science
  • Human Torch Science
  • Thing Science
  • Havok Mutant
  • Wolverine (Weapon X) Mutant

Tier A

These champions are very well integrated and can be played at a very high level without too much effort. They have all the tools they need to win, but they may not be successful anywhere, making them newbie friends.

  • Sabretooth Mutant
  • Iceman Mutant
  • Symbiote Supreme Mystic
  • Doctor Voodoo Mystic
  • Longshot Mystic
  • Mojo Mystic
  • Morningstar Mystic
  • Black Widow Skill
  • Sorcerer Supreme Mystic
  • Magik Mystic
  • Gwenpool Skill
  • Killmonger Skill
  • Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) Skill
  • Blade Skill
  • Hit Monkey Skill
  • Medusa Cosmic
  • Venom Cosmic
  • Silver Surfer Cosmic
  • Cull Obsidian Cosmic
  • Proxima Cosmic
  • Spider-Man (Stark Suit) Tech
  • Sentinel Tech
  • Guardian Tech
  • Iron Man Tech
  • She-Hulk Science
  • Red Guardian Science
  • Luke Cage Science
  • Wolverine (X-23) Mutant
  • Mister Sinister Mutant

Tier B

The champions on this list continue to show great strength, despite being below average or below the rest of the champions. They require a lot of work and investment of time to play at the highest level.

  • Storm Mutant
  • Wolverine Mutant
  • Mephisto Mystic
  • Scarlet Witch Mystic
  • Tigra Mystic
  • Sasquatch Mystic
  • Ghost Rider Mystic
  • Winter Soldier Skill
  • Squirrel Girl Skill
  • Night Thrasher Skill
  • Black Widow Skill
  • Carnage Cosmic
  • Hela Cosmic
  • Thor Cosmic
  • Angela Cosmic
  • Kamala Khan Cosmic
  • Vision Tech
  • Gamora Cosmic
  • Hulkbuster Tech
  • Mysterio Tech
  • Star-Lord Tech
  • Darkhawk Tech
  • Wasp Science
  • Spider-Gwen Science
  • Hulk Science
  • Invisible Woman Science
  • Rogue Mutant
  • Bishop Mutant

Tier C

This list of categories includes samples that are below average or moderate compared to other samples. These champions have little chance and will expire with high-quality play.

  • Old Man Logan Mutant
  • Dormammu Mystic
  • The Hood Mystic
  • Guillotine Mystic
  • Task Master Skill
  • Crossbones Skill
  • Mole Man Skill
  • Black Bolt Cosmic
  • The Champion Cosmic
  • Heimdall Cosmic
  • Annihilus Cosmic
  • Terrax Cosmic
  • Ronan Cosmic
  • Doctor Octopus Tech
  • Ant-Man Science
  • Captain America (WW2) Science
  • Beast Mutant
  • Goldpool Mutant

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Tier D

These champions don’t make many promises and they don’t deserve to play if they want to win. They do not work well in all areas and will need to be repaired to make them work. They will need an additional amount of work that is not worth investing in a time when there are other highly trained professionals.

  • Gambit         Mutant
  • Thor (Jane Foster) Mystic
  • Loki Mystic
  • Iron Fist Mystic
  • Doctor Strange Mystic
  • Diablo Mystic
  • Korg Skill
  • Punisher Skill
  • Black Panther (Classic) Skill
  • Kingpin Skill
  • Daredevil Skill
  • Falcon Skill
  • Agent Venom Skill
  • Drax Cosmic
  • Phoenix Cosmic
  • King Groot Cosmic
  • Thanos Cosmic
  • Superior Iron Man Cosmic
  • Red Skull Tech
  • Rocket Racoon Tech
  • Kang Tech
  • Ultron Tech
  • Green Goblin Tech
  • Civil Warrior Tech
  • War Machine Tech
  • Iron Patriot Tech
  • Electro Science
  • MODOK Science
  • Rhino Science
  • Magneto Mutant
  • Deadpool (X-Force) Mutant

Tier E

This category includes champions who promise nothing and should be avoided at all costs. They are the worst champions in the game. If you want to win, you must avoid playing as Champion in this MCOC category.

  • Unstoppable Colossus Mystic
  • Juggernaut Mystic
  • Karnak Skill
  • Black Panther (Civil War) Skill
  • Venompool Cosmic
  • Groot Cosmic
  • Vulture Tech
  • Howard the Duck Tech
  • Joe Fixit Science
  • Abomination Science
  • Sentry Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the MCOC Category List?

Ans: The MCOC category list is the level of all Marvel Contest of Champions champions, based on their normal ability to fight well. A category list is a common tool in martial arts to show which characters can perform better than most of the others.

Ques: How is the Tier List Made?

Ans: The MCOC class list identifies each sample from S to E, with the strongest S and the weakest E. The level is based on their strength in team battles and how they can remove or overcome damage.

Ques: Who is the MCOC Tier List For?

Ans: The category list is intended to cover all types of players, but is intended to be of great benefit to beginners in the game.

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The Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Staging List is a tiering program to determine the strength and performance of various champions. If the Champion is very strong, increase his rank on this list. With over 203 different champions in the MCOC, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best suited to your style of play or what you want to achieve with them.

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