How to Fix ‘Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector’ Shows up ( Quick Fixes ) 2023

The iPhone has many great features that you may not find in other smartphone brands. This is another reason why it is so popular despite its high price. If you’re charging your iPhone and you see the “Liquid detected in Lightning connector” alert, don’t panic! This is a very simple warning. Many iPhone owners have warned about this liquid detection.

It started in iOS 14 and the problem persists in iOS 15. This is an alert message that protects you and your device from permanent damage. However, disconnecting the Lightning connector is not enough, there is a lot more work to be done after disconnecting the cable.

We’ve received reports of “Liquid detected in Lightning connector” appearing on iPhone 12, 11, X, and iPhone SE 2 for no apparent reason. None of the readers who reported this error could find a reason for the intrusion. security warning.

Therefore, to make sure everything is in place, you should take other precautions to avoid liquid damage. we provides you a pure easy ways to Change Your Location On An IPhone  & Check If IPhone Is Unlocked.

Why does my iPhone say “Liquid detected in Lightning connector”?

If you have an iPhone XS or newer, your phone may find water in the Lightning connector. In this case, your iPhone may show the “Liquid detected in Lightning connector” error. If your iPhone shows this message, take it out of the charger and let it dry for a few hours.

Do not connect anything to the Lightning connector, such as B. Headphones or other chargers while your iPhone is charging. The liquid in the Lightning connector can permanently damage your iPhone hardware.

We don’t recommend pressing emergency mode to charge your iPhone. If your iPhone supports wireless charging, it may be best to charge your iPhone with a Qi-enabled charger while your charging port is dry.

However, if your iPhone has been exposed to a lot of water before you get this error message, it’s probably best to avoid wireless charging. This liquid may have spread to other parts of your iPhone.

Qucik Ways to fix liquid detected in the Lightning connector

Cancel the notification

When this problem arises, you have two options: refuse or use emergency procedures.

If you believe the connection is dry, this error may be due to a software bug in your phone. So in that case, click on the reject option.

Let the connector to dry

The first thing you should do after receiving the above warning is to try dry linking. Remove it from the charger and place the charging connector facing down. Under no circumstances should you shake the iPhone as this may allow water to enter.

Restart the device

Finally, if the iOS liquid detection notification prevents your iPhone from charging even after selecting the emergency option, restart your device and try charging again. Press and hold the side power button and volume button to restart your iPhone.

Use Emergency Override

Only use this option if you want to damage your iPhone from charging. As you know, water and electricity can kill. Therefore, it is dangerous to use this option and charge the iPhone when it contains water. However, you can try using emergency mode and see if your iPhone works.

Make sure your phone is up to date.

Most iPhone bugs and issues are fixed in minor iOS updates. Although the “liquid detected in electrical connector” error has started showing up recently due to the new update, Apple may fix it soon.

How do I upgrade my iPhone? Fortunately, the process is the same no matter what iPhone model you have. Backing up your iPhone before upgrading is always a good idea if you lose data. There are many ways to do this; Using iCloud, Mac, or PC. if you want to know how to Find Missing Safari Icon on iPhone/iPad & Download Videos on iphone check these linked articles.

Use a wireless charger.

Another way to charge your phone is wireless charging. If your iPhone model 8, 8 Plus, and above, it supports wireless charging. You can opt for the Apple MagSafe charger, which allows you to safely charge your iPhone without using the Lightning connector.

You can use other aftermarket versions available online. Wireless charging can keep your iPhone’s Lightning connector dry and help with everyday tasks.

Lightning connection protection

The best way to prevent problems with your iPhone’s Lightning connector is to maintain it and keep it clean.

Always turn off your phone when cleaning it and use only safe products. Do not use metal cleaners and do not use plastic or wooden toothbrushes to clean dust.

You can use compressed air to blow any remaining dust off the connector. However, do not use compressed air if you fear water damage.

To keep the Lightning port dry, it is better to avoid putting unnecessary things on the water. Keep your phone away from swimming pools and glasses and water bottles or water stored in hazardous areas.

Even so, accidents can happen. Although the latest iPhone models (iPhone 7 and later) are waterproof, additional protection is always a good idea.

The best way to add extra protection to your iPhone and its Lightning connector is with a great all-around case. The award-winning UB Pro is one of the best covers out there. It survived many crash tests and became the stuff of legend.

The UB Pro also has a port cover to protect against accidental drops of water, dust, and dirt.

Should you use Emergency Override?

Using the charger while your iPhone is still wet can permanently damage your device and its accessories. But in an emergency, you can remove the water detected in the Lightning to connect the message and charge the phone. You can disconnect the charging cable and reconnect it. You will see the same “Liquid detected” message, but now you have the option to charge your phone by clicking Emergency Backup.

If you have a wireless charger, we recommend using it instead of plugging it into your phone’s jack to avoid further damage to the Lightning connector. Before charging wirelessly, make sure the back of the device is dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the moisture to disappear?

Allow the device to dry for at least 24 hours before turning it on or putting it inside, otherwise, further damage may occur. If no moisture is visible when you guess: put the phone in the charger first, you should see the error here.

Can I dry the phone with a hair dryer?

Do not use a hair dryer – we repeat, do not; Heat can damage the phone. If you have a phone or device without a cover, remove and remove the battery, SIM card, and any other easily removable parts. Wipe everything.

Why does my phone keep saying it detects water but it doesn’t?

Although the water detection pop-up is probably caused by a bug in iOS 14, you should check your iPhone’s charging port for signs of water. You can accidentally spill water in your container without your knowledge. The pop-up window will say Cancel and Urgent Replace.

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If your iPhone is wet and you see “Liquid has appeared in the lightning connector”, don’t panic, this warning is normal. So you may already know the first warning of the appearance of water on the Lightning connector. To avoid this warning, you need to take good care of your iPhone.


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