How to Get Multiple Google Voice Numbers on One Phone ( Quick & Simple Ways ) 2023

How to Get Multiple Google Voice Numbers on One Phone

People around the world are calling Google Voice to create, send or receive voicemails or text messages. Google Voice is a simple ծառայ smart service that can work on Android phones, iPhones, PCs: and browsers.

Your business is expanding, or you want to offer a different number of different locations or rooms to customers. So while searching Google Voice, I found different ways to get multiple numbers in the same account and measure different benefits.

I finally combined this article with what I learned and got the right guide for all the solutions in one place. We have written detailed guides on Delete DigiLocker Account Permanently   & Bypass File Size Limit on Discord check now.

Is it possible to get an additional Google Voice number?

The answer to this question is surprising և, yes or no is not easy to summarize. It depends on what you want to do. We use different possibilities ում to express them when we travel.

Google Voice may not be the best option if you are looking for temporary, unknown phone numbers, and there is still confusion as to whether Google Voice interacts with other messaging apps.

You should be aware that your Google Voice contacts are linked to your Google account. Getting a Google account with lots of phone numbers is easy վել go to Google Voice for more important numbers, but keep in mind that Google stores a lot of personal information.

How do I get Multiple Google Voice numbers?

1. Use a Phone Number Generator

Phone Number Generator is an application that allows you to make phone numbers as visible as you want. You can use it to create multiple GV accounts. However, there are safety issues. That’s why my thoughts don’t go the right way.

In some cases, Google Voice terms may expose GV accounts associated with these visual effects. GV does not allow them. This is because you do not have good control over the type of numbers, and this information is always untrue.

2. Inform Google Voice that the phone numbers of both accounts are business phone numbers, not home or cell phone numbers.

If you did not select the correct number corresponding to Google Word, you might not be able to associate the displayed phone number with the Google Voice number.

To get more information from Google Word, you will need to set a valid number, such as a work or home phone number. Do not set the contact phone number as the portable phone number. This will disconnect the phone numbers that were previously associated with your Google Word account.

3. Hack the phone number to get another number

The hardest way to get a new Google Voice number is to change the “Phone Type” to your Google Account.

Google provides three telephone numbers that you can download to your phone. The categories are:

  • At home
  • Movement
  • to make

So if you want to get a different number for Google Word, you need to sign up for a different type of number.

However, the home phone number is already “mobile.
If you try to get another mobile phone number, such as “Mobile Phone,” your old home number will be deleted, and you will receive an email notification. So, when you sign up for a new number, in this case, select “Home” in the phone type.

While you get your second number, you will use your Google account and verification during the process.

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Can I do Google Voice without accounting with a “real” number?

To activate Google Voice, you need a real phone number. However, only a temporary number can be used.

For example, you can use the conference room at work as the main contact and Google Voice. After you activate the application, set your preferences, and register your name and greeting, you no longer need to use this number. Just set up your DND account, and all calls go to voicemail.

However, you can’t use your friend’s number without being blocked by the service because you can’t use the exact same number for both Google Voice accounts.

Can I create unlimited Google Voice accounts without any restrictions?

You will forget how to get Google numbers. You will need a different email address to create a Google account for each Google Voice number.

I don’t know why Google Unlimited would want to collect “unlimited” numbers, but frankly, I don’t think that’s a good reason. I hope Google uses origin IP addresses to limit the numbers assigned to a person/group.

How to add a home number to Google Voice

The process is somewhat different from the one we described above. The only difference is that you cannot send text messages to this number to verify your identity. However, you must choose a method that allows you to verify your identity over the phone.

The appeal is simple. You will need to call and get the code to enter. And it’s quick.

If you have previously selected the call verification option, you should receive a call within 30 seconds. Enter the popup code, and voila! Once that’s done, you can start customizing the service to your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get two Google Voice numbers on the same phone?
Ans: Google Voice does not allow the use of multiple phones associated with a GV number. When you start a new GV number, a verification process will appear, and if Google finds that your phone number is already being used by another GV number, it will not work immediately.

Can I use Google Voice without a network company?
Ans: Short answer: yes; If you already have a Google Voice account enabled, you can use your Google account and computer (if you use Hangouts with a dedicated Hangout page) or mobile with Wi-Fi or data access ( if you have one). The smartphone is compatible with Hangouts. You can use). For Android or iOS apps).

How many numbers can you connect to Google Voice?
Ans: You can have the number as your primary Google Voice account. However, you can connect up to 6 numbers if you are not connected to another account.

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