Granblue Fantasy Tier List ( Top Characters In The Fighting ) 2023

Granblue Fantasy Tier List

Granblue Fantasy is one of the most popular Japanese mobile games of recent years. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, this list will help you decide which characters to use and how they should compare to other players.

This list of GBF categories lists all possible units in Granblue Fantasy from worst to best. With this information, you will know which units are right for your time.

A category list is often used in fighting games to gauge how strong individual characters are based on their move set, matchups and other fighters and other characteristics.

This particular category of Granblue Fantasy is created by combining the data of the players who compete in Granblue Fantasy. It is always important to match the character that best suits the type of battle situation. The scale goes from S to E, where S is the best and E is the worst.

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What is Granblue Fantasy?

Granblue fantasy (GBF) is an RPG. It was released in 2014 and is still very popular with fantasy actors. Granblue Fantasy (GBF) is famous for its rich graphics and best sound effects.

There are several levels in Granblue’s fantasy. Characters will acquire knowledge and skills by playing at these levels and will receive rewards such as stars and special powers. The characters and weapons are divided into groups. You can choose according to the level you are playing at.

Granblue Fantasy is a Japanese action and multimedia video game created by Cygames for Android, iOS and web browser, first released in Japan in March 2014. The game features a mix of music composer Nobuo Uematsu and art director Hideo Minaba . , who participated previously. in Final Fantasy V (1992), Final Fantasy VI (1994), Final Fantasy IX (2000) and Lost Odyssey (2007).


The game plays like a video game playing a role with opportunity based opportunities. The game also contains summons and a class system that changes the movement and growth of the main character. Characters acquire levels and skills by acquiring knowledge; By collecting certain items, a certain character can earn an additional star (called “FLB” or full cutback limit) summoning and armed weapons, and grant characters bonuses in attack power and HP. The characters themselves benefit from the requests (main story requirements or special event requirements) or by using the in-game currency to get random crystal pieces, which may contain special weapons that some characters add to the party. Characters, Summons and Weapons are calculated (from best to worst) as SSR, SR, R or N; each is also a form of air, water, fire, earth, light or dark. It is recommended to use the highest quality material in warfare (for example to use water against fire) as a specific hole which provides a penalty for the previous item. Voice actors provide voices for all war characters, as well as many conventional storylines and events.

Granblue Fantasy (GBF) Tier List

Granblue Fantasy’s tier list will provide a list of various playable characters based on the player’s play style (offensive / defensive) to help you make decisions about your characters in each type of game.


These are the must-have units for any game. They are considered very powerful thanks to their tools.

Element Units

  • Fire Siegfried, Metera, Athena, Shiva, Anila, Zeta,
  • Water Lucio, Narmaya, Grea, Lily, Vane, Vajra, Cagliostro, Altair, Europa, Katalina, Lecia, Sturm
  • Earth Pengy, Dante and Freiheit, Leona, Alexiel, Mahira, Zeta and Vaseraga, Cain, Vira
  • Wind Tiamat, Yodarha, Monika, Andira, Grimnir, Yurius, Meteon, Nezahualpilli,
  • Light Halluel and Malluel, Io, Ferry, Ilsa, Kumbhira, Jeanne d’Arc, Noa, Hallessena, Melissabelle, Robomi, Zooey
  • Dark Clarisse, Vikala, Amira, Anthuria, Vania, Wulf and Renie, Rei, Helel ben Shalem, Kolulu, Olivia, Predator, Black Knight


These units are good but not as effective in some areas as their S-tier counterparts. If you are lucky enough to name these characters, you should take the time to nurture them, as you will receive valuable rewards for them over time.

Element Units

  • Fire    –    Teena, Tsubasa, Grea, Illnot, Magisa, Tabina, Yuel, Therese, Yuisis, Aoidos, Colossus, Lancelot and Vane,Abby, Beatrix, Drang, Ghandagoza, Ilsa, Kallen Kouzuki, Zahlhamelina, Mugen, Percival, Rackam, Satyr, Reinhardtzar, Scathacha
  • Water –   Shura, Anne, Aqours Second-Years, Arulumaya, Charlotta, Kolulu, Milleore and Sahil Lao, Pholia, Sandalphon, Diantha, Izmir, Macula Marius, Yngwie, Silva, Vania and Malinda, Lancelot, Yuel, Aglovale, Romeo
  • Earth –    Aletheia, De La Fille, Rosetta, Soriz, Vaseraga, Eugen, Hallessena, Medusa, Baal, Eustace, Jessica, Ladiva, Sara, Ayer
  • Wind –  Naoise, Societte, Lennah, Levi, Morrigna, Albert, Heles, Selfira, Stan and Aliza, Gawain, Seruel, Kokkoro,
  • Light  –   Mary, Sarunan, Shitori, Zeta, Amira, Sandalphon, Rosamia, Juliet, Percival, Silva, Danua, Dorothy and Claudia, Levin Sisters
  • Dark –   Tanya, Lunalu, Nicholas, Rosetta, Orchid, Vaseraga, Azazel, Black Knights and Orchid, Joker, Kou, Seox, Veight, Lady Grey, Narmaya

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These are great units to suggest and will be a great finishing touch to your final list. Keep in mind that these won’t be of much use without some high quality drives next to them. This is also the stage where you first see Super Rare characters.

Element Units

  • Fire Aquors Third-Years, Agielba, Charioce XVII
  • Water Lady Katapillar and Vira, Lilele, Owen, Chat Noir, Cucuroux
  • Earth Ilsa, Jin, Razia, Yggdrasil, Nezahualpilli, Walder, Yaia, Aquors First-Years, Catherine, Herja,
  • Wind Christina, Feena, Yuisis, Juri, Sevilbarra, Gachapin, Kaede Takagaki, Mirin, Arriet, Carmelina, Korwa, Petra, Sen, Suzaku Kururugi
  • Light Cure Black and Cure White, Mikazuki Munechika, Baotorda, Conan Edogawa, Pecorine, Sophia
  • Dark Lelouch Lamperouge, Marquiares, Cerberus, Forte, Freezie, Karyl, Skull


These are the budget units you can stick to if you are unlucky enough to call strong characters. They can still use them early in the game, but it’s best to build your roster in solid units.

Element Unit

  • Fire Sutera, Aster, Gemini Sunrise, Miria Akagi, Naoise, Danua, Friday, Dante, Ferry, Izuminokami Kanesada, Lina
  • Water Mina, Ejaeli, Minami Nitta, Cailana, Leona, Lowain, Morphe and Phoebe
  • Earth Almeida, Galadar, The Lowain Brothers, Melleau, Nemone
  • Wind Miku Maekawa, Mimlemel and Stumpeye, Sevastien, Shiki Ichinose, Sutera, Helnar, Mikasa, Krugne
  • Light Bridgette and Cordelia, Tear Grants, Tyre, Feather, Nicholas, Vermeil, Arusha, Erica Fontaine
  • Dark Meg, Richard, Shao, Will, Sarunan, Elize Lotus, You, Deliford, Mika Jougasaki, Zaja, Katalina


You should change these units as soon as possible. Their rooftop numbers and skills are on the rise early on, so there’s not much idea to invest in them in the final game.

Element Units

  • Fire Cassius, Karin, Mio Honda, Ryan, Stahn Aileron, Rosine, Nina Drango, Alec, Barawa, Carren, Elmott, Ippatsu, Jessica, Karva, Mary, Milla Maxwell
  • Water Farrah, Mizuki Kawashima, Naga, Pamela, Anastasia, Ange, Camieux, Chun-Li, Erin, Rin Shibuya, Sahli Lao, Sig, Suframare, Ulamnuran, Kaoru Sakuraba, Lamretta, Mishra
  • Earth Mimlemel and Pun-Kin, Redluck, Vanzza, Kanako , Airi Totoki, Anzu Futaba, J.J., La Coiffe, Mimura, Laguna, Mariah, Skull, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, Zaja, Augusta, Carmelina, Claudia, Juri,
  • Wind Arisa, Arthur, Arthur and Mordred, Tsubasa Kashiwagi, Eso, Robertina, Ryu, Sakura Shinjugi, Chloe, Goblin Mage, Hazen, Karteira, Keehar, Rashid, Toru Amuro
  • Light Uzuki Shimamura, Daetta, Elta, Nakoruru, Novei, Soriz, Sakura Kinomoto, Ceylan, Ezecrain, Johann, Philosophia
  • Dark Ranko Kanzaki, Luna, Koume Shirasaka, Randall, Stan, Yuri Lowell, Zehek


Avoid using these letters. They have obvious flaws and few skills that should be overlooked, especially if there are multiple units that can be overcome.

Element Units

  • Fire Teru Tendo, Dorothy, Anna, Sarya
  • Water Pengy
  • Earth Volenna, Paris
  • Wind Haohmaru, Aster, Syr, Joy
  • Light Sachiko Koshizimu
  • Dark Ludmila, Rita, Ange

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How is the Granblue Fantasy Tier List Made?

Ans: The Granblue Fantasy level list is created by analyzing various data about the characters and assigning them numerical values. These become the categories you see in this list. I have nothing to do with Cygames Inc .; I like to use my numbers to measure things. This category list just shows how I think the game should be played.

Ques: What are the Benefits of the Tier List?

Ans: The Granblue Fantasy category list makes it easy for players to see which characters are the most powerful and provides guidance on how they should be used. There is no right or wrong answer, as this game can be played in many different ways, but there are certainly some strategies that will work better than others. Use what is most enjoyable for you.

Ques: How to Rank Up?

Ans: The most effective way to measure is to fight a variety of enemies, not just over and over again. Make sure you check out all the content in the game.

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This blog post is intended as a guide for players of the Granblue Fantasy games. I look for new or unknown people and those who have been playing for hours so they can find out which characters work best in the game and explore all the available content. That way, they’ll know which characters are the strongest.


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