Guardian Tales Tier List Heroes (Best Team & Heroes In each Class) 2023

guardian tales tier list heroes

Our list in the Guardian Tales section will help dispel speculation about how much time you spend with the action-packed gacha RPG. We’ll help you select the best characters for each different class, including heroes, varieties, tanks, and support. This way, you can spend less time checking stats and more time hitting enemies with bigger swords.

We will help you and make sure you get the best actors by walking you through the steps required to re-register for Guardian Tales. For those of you who don’t know, the new signature allows you to start your own account from scratch, allowing you to do the first drag over and over until you find the character you want.

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What is the Guardian Tales Game?

Guardian Tales was one of the best RPGs of 2020 thanks to the fluidity of the story and the format of the game. Warning tales have a variety of puzzles to solve, stories to eliminate, and enemies to defeat, but most of you are volunteers. The optional game format offers players a relaxed yet fun RPG. Players can choose from a variety of heroes depending on the activity they want to complete. Here is a list of categories that list all the heroes of Guardian Tales.

How Do I Start?

Unlike many gacha RPGs, re-enrolling in Guardian Tales is surprisingly easy.

Here’s how to re-register in steps:

  • Create a guest account when you start the game (this is important as there is a 24 hour waiting period to be removed from any required account. Connect it later)
  • From the main menu, tap the gear icon at the top right of the screen to access settings
  • Tap “Account Settings”.
  • Scroll down and press “Remove Account”
  • Click “Confirm” and Guardian Tales will close
  • Just open the game again and start

Guardian Tales Tier List

In this Guardian Tales category, we’ve placed 3-star heroes across five main levels. Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4.

T1 list shows top 3 star heroes in OP performance in PvE / PvP / Top Leagues endings, T1.5 list shows 3 most powerful star heroes (very good performance ratings) and potential. do it right in PvE / PvP End Game / Higher Leagues, the T2 list shows good heroes but we don’t consider them the best in the latest PvE / Higher-Rank PvP game, the Tier 3 list shows some of the most respected heroes.

And the T4 roster shows heroes who can appear from the start to the middle of the game, but are less useful at the end of the game or in major PvP leagues.

Don’t use long distance tickets to get 3-star T4 heroes. Note that the name of the equipment and weapons in Guardian Tales is also of great importance; Prepare the heroes with the correct equipment (EX) to unleash their full potential.

Guardian Tales Tier List: Phase 1

This section presents a list of Category 1 heroes in The Guardian Tales that we believe have the best power; OP performance. All the details of these heroes are listed below. If you have mileage tickets available, you need to get one of these heroes, or once you have them, get your EX weapons!

  • God of Harvest Kamael 
  • Future Princess
  • Future Knight
  • Dark Magician Beth
  • Eight-tailed Fox Nari
  • Demon Queen Lilith
  • Android MK. 99
  • Necromancer Noxia

Guardian Tales Tier List: Phase 2

This section shows the heroes of Class 2 (3 stars) very well and they can do very well (the best possible performance). Here is a list of level 2 heroes: –

  • Lifeguard Yuze 
  • Scientist on the beach Sohee 
  • Mecha Warrior Oghma 
  • Mayreel 
  • Bari 
  • Lupina 
  • Garam 
  • Erina 
  • Druid Kanna 
  • Warlord Mercenary Orca 

Guardian Tales Tier List: Phase 3

This section shows the Category 3 (3 star) heroes who are doing well in battle; These units aren’t the best over the aforementioned heroes (T1, T1.5, T2), but they are respectable. Long-range tickets are not recommended for level 3 heroes or their weapons. Here is a list of level 3 heroes:

  • Bianca 
  • Drunken Swordsmaster Lynn (Bad in Colosseum)
  • Chosen One’s Archpriestess Veronica 
  • Tinia 
  • Plitvice (Tier 2 in PvP/Raid/Co-Op, Tier 5 in Colosseum)
  • Goddess of Wealth Eleanor (Tier 2 in Colosseum, Bad in PvP)
  • Eugene  Overall(Tier 2 in PvP, Tier 5 in Colosseum/PvE, Tier 3 in Raids)
  • Santa Little Helper Rue (Bad in Colosseum)
  • Idol Eva (Bad in PvP)
  • Trickster Lucy (Bad in Colosseum)
  • Flame Harpy Scintilla (Tier 1 in PvP, Tier 3 in Raid, Tier 4 in Colosseum)
  • Arabelle 
  • Android MK.2 

Guardian Tales Tier List: Phase 4

In this section of the Guardian Tales section, we will show you a list of 3 level 3 units. NOT ALL, BUT THROUGH PLAYING AND COMPETITION METHODS (PVP, COLOSSEUM), YOU MUST GO TO SECTION 1, SECTION 1.5 AND SECTION 2 HEROES. Long-range tickets are not recommended for level 4 heroes or their weapons.

  • Exorcist Miya
  • Lahn
  • Vishuvac
  • Alef
  • Lapice
  • Marina

Guardian Tales Tier List 2022: 2 Star Hero Tier List

First things first, 2-star heroes are not for late game and competitive game modes like PvP arena and Colosseum, if you want to compete against other players for the top spots. But that doesn’t mean they’re useless – 2-star heroes can help you early to mid-game in PvE, PvP / Colosseum ratings (low-tier leagues only). In this part of the Guardian Tales tier list, we have shared feedback on the 2-star heroes and their performance ratings in PvE, PvP, and Colosseum to help you find out if they are good or not (Summary: Some notable 2-star heroes and good ones in Guardian Tales are Aoba, Karina, Hekate, Craig, Aisha, Akayuki, Ranpang, Gremory, Catherine, Elvira and Rachel)


She is a top tier 2-star healer in the game, perfect for ground team comps due to her party buff ability. She is very bad in PvP, average in the coliseum, but she shines in PvE as a healer. Remember, she is not a damage dealer, so don’t expect any worthwhile DPS contributions.


Perfect for dark team comps; thanks to the party buff skill. She is a dark element healer with good performance in PvE. She is not good at PvP and Colosseum.


He is also a healer, but not based on elements like Aoba (EARTH), Karina (DARKNESS). Her passive ability is good, but she would only benefit when the targets are affected by the injured ailment. Good at PvE. But not in the Colosseum and PvP.


Warrior. Perfect for light comps, thanks to her party ability (+ 46% light ATK). Overall, situational, or below average performance in PvE, PvP, and Colosseum.

Battle Girl Rie 

Ranged ATK role. Group benefit increases CRIT. Average performance in PvE, PvP and Colosseum.


Role of ATK at a distance. Her group buff is useful (increases DEF against ranged attacks). Performance: Good at the Colosseum. Medium to good performance in PvE and PvP.


Role of ATK at a distance. Her group buff increases skill ATK; It is not element-based, so it can benefit everyone. Performance Ratings: Situational or Below Average Ratings in PvE, PvP, Colosseum. Low durability.


Warrior role. Her Party Buff increases melee ATK. If you are leading a melee team, this buff can help you. Performance: Situational or below average ratings in PvE, PvP, Colosseum. Low durability.


Role of the warrior. Its party buff increases the regeneration speed of the weapon’s ability; Useful if you want to recharge weapon abilities with a long cooldown. Performance: Situational or average ratings in PvE, PvP, Colosseum.


Like Amy, Shapira also raises melee ATK with her party buff. The durability of it is better than AMY. Performance: Situational or average ratings in PvE, PvP, Colosseum.


Support Role. Your partygoer is useful and universal; increases HP. Performance: bad in PvP. Good at PvE and Colosseum. Remember, she is a support unit, not a tank and DMG. She didn’t expect performance from DMG and a tank up front. She is good because she supports others with her abilities.


Warrior role. Her debuff skills are good, too, party buff (increases HP). But her damage is not good. Performance: Situational or below average ratings in PvE, PvP, Colosseum. Low DMG.

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Guardian Tales Tier List 2022: 1 Star Hero Tier List

It is not worth investing in 1-star heroes. Therefore, they all fall into the category of level 5.

  • Knight – Below Average
  • Linda – Bad
  • Bob – Bad
  • Hyper – Bad
  • Maria – Bad
  • Lisa – Bad
  • Hoshida – Bad
  • Peggy – Bad
  • Ailie – Bad
  • Oralie – Bad
  • Kang – Bad
  • Agatha – Bad
  • Davinci – Bad
  • Kate – Bad
  • Zoe – Bad
  • Rio – Bad
  • Nyan – Bad
  • Marty Junior – Bad

The best Tips for the Team

In this part, we have shared some tips on the best squad builds / commissions in Guardian Tales. Note that you can try other combinations. Some characters work well in all game modes, while others don’t.

Guardian Tales Team: Best equipment tips for PvP

  • Erina + Noxia + Kamael
  • Kamael + Future Princess + Mayreel
  • Erina + Future Princess + Spark

Guardian Tales Team: Best Team Tips for the Colosseum

  • Harvest God Kamael + Future Princess + Future Knight + Noxia
  • The god of the harvest Kamael + Miya + Oghma + Noxia
  • Future Princess + Noxia + Kamael + Gabriel

Guardian Tales Team: Best PvE Team

In PvE, you can form an element-based team. In the first slot, make sure you have a DPS character; Only that character will be under your control! PvE team notes (1): – Have x2 DPS, x1 Tank and x1 Healer: consider your elements even when formulating a team. Which element? It depends on the stage you are trying to complete. After selecting a chapter stage, above the “enter” button, the game will show you the recommended type / element; fire, darkness, light, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Who is the Strongest Character in the Guardian Tales?

Ans: Our pick for the strongest hero in Guardian Tales is Future Princess.

Ques: How Do You Get Evolution Stones in Guardian Tales?

Ans: Evolution stones for normal level heroes are randomly awarded as a reward. Hero Evolution stones can also be purchased from Kamazon, where the price will depend on the type of stones you are purchasing.

Ques: What Can You Buy with Purple Coins in the Guardian Tales?

Ans: Purple Coins (or variants thereof) are an alternate currency that can only be found in the Adventure Mode (main story) stages of Guardian Tales. They are used to purchase items such as Coffee Grinders, Evolution Stones, and Stamina Packs from the in-game “Kamazon” shop.

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This was the complete RPG level ranking for all heroes in Guardian Tales. The tier list is based on our gameplay experience, so some of you may agree or disagree with it. We recommend that players consult a list of levels before launching into the game.

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