How to Recover Old Hotmail Account ( 100 % working & Easy Ways ) 2023

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How to Recover Old Hotmail Account ( 100 % working & Easy Ways ) 2023

Hotmail is the primary Internet mail service provided by Microsoft, but it does not have a separate domain for reading e-mail or other features provided by Microsoft. Before Gmail became popular, Hotmail was the OG of webmail services. Either way, Gmail is now open to the public. With Gmail now dominating nearly every email service, people forget about Hotmail.

Still, some people want to keep their old Hotmail account for work or other reasons. To access your old account, you need to know how to reset Hotmail. There are various steps to recovering your Hotmail account and successfully accessing your contacts. All of these are listed below. if you want to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account & Recover Deleted Call Recordings check these linked articles.

Why Hotmail is popular?

Few people use Hotmail today, but decades ago it was the most used email service.

It was developed in 1995 by Apple employees Sabir Bhatia and Jack Smith. Back then, postal services were provided by carriers and internet providers, and you had to use a computer or mobile phone app to read your mail.

Sabir Bhatia and Jack Smith created his Hotmail. Hotmail works directly in your web browser without any software.

Released on July 4, 1996, Independence Day, as a symbol of freedom from app use. Its first name was Hotmail, based on the HTML language used to create web pages.

As you can imagine, the plan worked. It was revolutionary to be able to view emails on the website without using the app.

Hotmail disappeared as Google mandated that he use his Gmail to access services and his Android phone. Microsoft replaced him with Outlook in 2013, but as mentioned, you can still create a Hotmail account.

If creating an account in Outlook, click the arrow and select Hotmail.

Why is my Hotmail account blocked?

If your Hotmail account is ten years old, you may need to delete it long ago. Inactive accounts are automatically deleted after 5 years of inactivity.

According to Microsoft’s policy, Hotmail accounts must be deleted if they have not been used or logged in for at least five years. As a result, it may not be possible to restore the affected Hotmail account. However, if you think you are still paying it off, you can use the tips below.

Quick Ways to recover an old Hotmail Account

1. Update old Hotmail account to new Outlook account

Use this method to add and access your old Hotmail account with a new email address. Find out how to recover your old Hotmail account by following these steps.

  • Open Outlook and go to Settings.
  • Click the Email Synchronization button.
  • Select “Other Mail Accounts”.
  • Enter your Hotmail address and password to set up your account.

2. Use the Microsoft account recovery form

The easiest way to access your old Hotmail account. Just run the Microsoft account recovery form. However, please note that this feature can only be performed if two-factor authentication is enabled. If this option is disabled, recovery forms are not available.

Enter your email address for instructions on how to recover your old Hotmail email account using Microsoft’s account recovery form. Any email is fine. It doesn’t have to be yourself. Hear these words now.

  • Log in to

  • Once there, enter the Hotmail address you want to reply to.Then enter your email ID where Microsoft can contact you.
    The next step is to verify your email address.

  • urity code, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. It should not take more than 24 hours for a reply from Microsoft.

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3. Contact Hotmail Customer Service

If you want to restore your deleted Hotmail account, the process is very easy. When you delete your Hotmail account, your account information is immediately deleted. This means it cannot be returned (in most cases). However, the email account will remain active for 30 days from the date of cancellation. So you can easily restore it during this period. But it’s not true. Try contacting support with a Secure Request to see if there is a way to get your data back.

The best thing you can do to recover deleted Hotmail emails is to re-register. If successful, you are ready to go. If your email is locked, try contacting support.

4. Use your mobile number

If you have a phone number associated with this email, recovering your Hotmail account is very easy. To use this option, you need to log in and sign in to the email you want to recover and follow these steps:

  • Enter your email address and click Connect†.
  • Click the “Forgot password” option.
  • If Security Query is active, select this authentication method and click Next. Then enter the correct answer and click “Join”.
  • If there are no security questions, you will be given the option to verify your identity. Select the Send XXXXXX Message option, follow
  • the instructions, and click Get Code † If you don’t see this option, view other verification methods †.
  • Enter the code in the text field and press the “When Called” button
  • Finally, create a new password as requested by Microsoft and click ON†.

Hotmail account recovery Tips

Here are some helpful tips if you want to avoid all the tedious and time-consuming work required to get your Hotmail account back.

  • Always keep a copy of your account and password confidential. If you don’t store it properly, you will forget it.
  • You can still access your security questions on your laptop or smartphone. One day you will need it.
  • Make sure your security information is up to date. Keep everything up-to-date and secure, like an alternative email.
  • Please be patient while we follow the steps to restore your account. Things take time and need rest. Do not panic.

Frequentyl Asked Questions

Can I recover my 10-year-old Hotmail account?

However, Microsoft automatically deletes Hotmail accounts after 5 years of inactivity. If you see the message ‘Your account no longer exists, it means you haven’t logged in for over 5 years and your account has been deleted. In other words, it cannot be undone.

How long does Hotmail keep my emails?

If you join once a year, it will be saved permanently. Have you ever used Outlook on your desktop to connect to your account and have your emails stored in PST files? One reason to delete emails is if you use your account regularly.

Your Hotmail account is still active.

Microsoft discontinued this service years ago and all Hotmail users are using it with is technically newer than Gmail, but both services update frequently. Of course, I will continue to use my Hotmail address.

Will Hotmail delete old accounts?

After 360 days of inactivity (less than 5 days in a typical year), your Windows Live Hotmail account will be permanently deleted. Your Windows Live ID (Windows Live Hotmail email address) may be permanently deleted after 365 days (approximately one year) of inactivity.

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Hotmail was once the newest and coolest thing on the internet. It may not be popular, but it’s still a fully functional email service today. By following the different methods in this article, you will get the answers to your questions about how to recover your old Hotmail account.


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