Archero Tier List 2023 – Hero, Abilities, Weapons & Equipment

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Archero Tier List 2023 –  Hero, Abilities, Weapons & Equipment

The Archero Tier List is an essential guide for players aiming to identify the game’s top heroes and the best equipment to enhance their power. While it’s tempting to simply glance at a list, understanding the depth and nuances of each hero, their abilities, and the strategies to maximize their potential is crucial. As players progress through chapters, the effectiveness of certain heroes and abilities may vary. With the continuous addition of new characters and equipment by the developers, staying updated with the Archero Tier List becomes even more vital.

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What is Archero?

Archero is an arcade action game released in 2019. There are many archery characters in the game. Some of these are free, while others are affordable and require real money. The game is based on a complete story that combines different stages in which you will have to play as an archer and fight against all the enemies and the beast that comes before you.

You will be armed with many weapons to kill enemies. Enemies will charge you in the form of mobs, you have to avoid their attacks while hitting them continuously. The arrow will acquire additional skills and abilities as you progress through the game. The Archero game is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and to play you need a mobile version with Android version 5.0.0 or later.

We divide the characters into eight groups.

Leading the SS are Shade and Sylvan. They are the best of the lot and can win the most battles. The main characters of the S + group are Ayana and Ofelia. Almost equal to the SS levels. The most important characters of Group S are Meowgik and Helix. These heroes can do well in the game.

The main heroes of group A are Rolla and Phoren. They are good in another game context.

The main character of group B is Onir and the most important hero of group C is Bonnie. She is just an ordinary hero. The main characters of group D are Urasil and Shari. These heroes are below average. Other Group E heroes are Atreus. They are the weakest characters in the game.

How Does Our Category List Work?

Archero is available in a variety of chapters. To complete the chapter, you need to kill all the enemies in that chapter. Skills and other resources are very helpful in this process. The opening of each chapter introduces you to new skills. Therefore, to do well in the game, you need to choose the best skills. These skills also help find new heroes.

To better understand the list, we have divided it into three sections:

Tier S: These are the best in their class. They do very well in the game.

Tier A: It’s great to go with the absent heroes or S-level squad. They also do well in the game.

Tier B: They are weaker than two and are not very important in the game.

Archero Tier List

Here is our list of Archero levels to help you select the best characters, weapons and all items in the game. Let’s move on to that.

Archero Heroes Tier List

When choosing a hero, the most important thing to consider is how unique and effective his ability is. When it comes to playing with your enemy, this is very important.

Archero Medallions Category

Medallions are also available randomly based on your achievements. The rarities are Basic, Large, Rare, Epic, Fully Epic and Mythic.


  • Ryan, 
  • Sylvan, 
  • Shade, 
  • Ayana, 
  • Lina, 
  • Shingen, 
  • Ophelia


  • Taranis, 
  • Helix, 
  • Phoren, 
  • Bonnie, 
  • Urasil, 
  • Rolla, 
  • Meowgik, 
  • Onir


  • Shari,
  • Atreus,
  • Aquea

Tier Abilities

A Multishot, Ricochet, Invincibility Star, Front Arrow, Wingman, Rage, Slow Projectile,  Grace, Dark Touch, Holy Touch, Piercing Shot, Bolt, Blaze, Speed Aura, Crit Plus

B Shield Guard, Dwarf, Agility, Freeze, Smart, Attack Boost, Dodge Master, Giant, HP Boost, Spirit Blaze, Fury, Spirit Bolt, Speed Plus, Poison Touch, Water Walker, Headshot

C Bolt Star, Bolt Strike, Spirit Multishot, Bolt Meteor, Blazing Star, Rear Arrow, Death Bomb, Death Nova, Side Arrow, Swords, Circles, Toxic Meteor, Toxic strike, Fire Strike, Frost Meteor

Archero Pets Tier Llist


  • Flaming Ghost,
  • Laser Bat


  • Scythe Mage,
  • Noisy Owl,
  • Elf


  • Living Bomb

Archero Spellbooks Tier List


  • Art of Combat Spellbook, 
  • Enlightenment Spellbook, 
  • Ice Realm


  • Arcane Adventure

Tier list refers to the ranking of each character based on their individual attributes and overall strength. Raid Shadow Tier List & Hearthstone Arena Tier List ,It helps you understand which characters are ranked higher than others and will therefore give you a better chance at winning.

Archero Weapons Tier List


  • Brave Bow, 
  • Gale Force, 
  • Saw Blade, 
  • Brightspear, 
  • Demon Blade, 
  • Gale Force


  • Death Scythe, 
  • Tornado, 
  • Stalker Staff

Archero Rings Tier List


  1. Lion Ring, 
  2. Serpent Ring, 
  3. Bull Ring


  • Falcon Ring,
  • Wolf Ring


  • Bear Ring

Archero Lockets Tier List

Lockets also rarities based on their effects. The rarities are base, great, rare, epic, perfect epic and legendary.


  • Angel Locket


  • Agile Locket, 
  • Piercer Locket, 
  • Bloodthirsty Locket


  • Iron Locket, 
  • Bulletproof Locket

Archero Bracelet Tier List

Choose from six unusual ones and check the results before using them. Rings work with random damage and must be selected based on the hero’s abilities to deal with the highest damage and take advantage of it.


  • Invincible Bracelet


  • Frozen Bracelet, 
  • Quickshot Bracelet, 
  • Thunder BraceletBlazing Bracelet


  • Split Bracelet

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Are There Any Cheats for Archero?

Ans: To make sure you always have the gems for these rewards, Archero creates some tricks to play with the system. If it looks like the tire will be replaced by coins, quit the game immediately. If you reopen, you will not receive any rewards, but you will not use any of your five daily rewards either.

Ques: Who is the Best Hero of Archero?

Ans: The 4 heroes stand out as the main heroes of Archero. Lina, Sylvan, Shade and Ayana are needed if you want to progress successfully. This hero has some very solid base stats on Archero. His special ability will be of great help when fighting bosses and enemies with high HP.

Ques: Is Archero’s Quick Attack Worth it?

Ans: It seems to me that Archero isn’t the best here, as energy prices generally require playing longer per day than I’d really like if I were playing longer and stronger chapters. Quick Raid really improves on this, even if it’s limited to just 15 uses of energy.

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The Tier list is based entirely on my research and knowledge of Archero. So if you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know by commenting in the comments section below.

Hope you like it!

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